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C.O.P.S. - A Long-Awaited Volume 2 Set is Planned for Shout!'s Direct-to-Consumer Project

A 4-DVD collection of the episodes from the middle third of the run will be available later this year

Posted by David Lambert
Back in 2006, Shout! Factory released C.O.P.S. - Volume 1 as a 4-DVD set, with the first 1/3rd of the animated show's run. Die-hard fans of the classic 1988 DiC-produced series ate it up, but unfortunately there were not enough of them out there to make sales of the release successful enough to warrant a follow-up. After all, retail sellers didn't want to take up shelf space with a title that seemed to have limited demand.

Now, however, Shout! has decided to bypass the retail channel, and bring selected titles out on a Direct To Consumer basis, sold entirely through the studio's online store. The first of those releases, happening in just a couple of weeks, include Ironside - Season 3. Other titles in the first batch are along that line of prime-time, live-action programs...with one exception: an "early 2010" release of The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog - Volume 3.

There was hope that other "stalled" animated shows from Shout! could also join that "DTC" program, and now one of the DVD producers at the studio, Brian Ward, has revealed in a post at the official Shout! Factory message boards that C.O.P.S. - Volume 2 IS indeed going to be part of that program. He reveals that it will be out sometime in 2010 (no specific date has been revealed just yet), and will consist of the second 1/3rd group of episodes (meaning a third volume could be a possibility, if this one sells well enough as a DTC title), arriving on 4 DVDs. In a later post in the thread at that link, Ward says the title may be a bare-bones, episodes-only effort, but that he is trying to find ways to include bonus material if possible.

Our thanks to our reader, Nathan, for the heads-up about this info. That's all we know so far, except that Ward makes it clear that it's due to the perseverance of the fans that this title is part of the direct sales effort, and that it's their passion which convinced him to reveal the existence of the project early, before the official studio announcement. I'm sure that if the same excitement translates into good sales of that DVD set, then we're sure to see the rest of the episodes get released. Stay tuned for further developments about this one!

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