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Buried Secrets (AKA Skeleton Crew) (mini-series) - National Geographic Channel-aired Documentary Comes to DVD

4-part production featuring Dr. Elizabeth Murray arrives in late September

Posted by David Lambert
    The world is full of mysteries, and some of the most intriguing emerge from the soil...stories lying deep within buried bones. Most people think of the skeleton as a static part of the human body, but bones in the hands of forensic anthropologist Dr. Elizabeth Murray and her crew of experts can reveal clues about peoples' identities, lifestyles, and even the cause of their deaths.

    In each hour-long episode of Buried Secrets (which originally aired in the USA during November 2006, on the National Geographic channel as "Skeleton Crew"), Dr. Murray and experts from the fields of history, archeology, anthropology and forensic sciences solve mysteries by "listening" to what the bones have to say. By identifying hundreds of sets of skeletal remains washed out by a flood, a community is able to rebury their loved ones again. By documenting the wounds of massacred victims buried in haste during a civil war, the crew provides evidence for future prosecutions.

    From a crypt of bones uncovered in the basement of a 19th century Music Hall to the exhumed remains of five Colorado miners who may have been victims of murder and cannibalism, each episode of Buried Secrets tells a surprising and entertaining tale. Buried Secrets is a captivating 4-hour series where intuition, dogged research and advanced anthropological forensic science take a fresh look at old bones in order to solve the mysteries of life and death.

    It all begins with the bones...
Timeless Media Group has announced that this 4-part documentary mini-series, going as Buried Secrets (the international name of the production), will be coming to DVD on September 29th. Running 240 minutes long, the cost will be just $9.98 for this disc. The episodes are presented in full screen, with English audio. Here's the package art that we've dug up for you:

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Buried Secrets (AKA Skeleton Crew)

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Buried Secrets (AKA Skeleton Crew) (mini-series)

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