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The Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes Comedy Hour - EXTRAS & Cover Art for Golden Collection more!

Posted by David Lambert
Two months ago we brought you this list of the 60 shorts that would be included on The Looney Toons - Golden Collection Volume 2, which is coming out in a 4-DVD set on November 2nd (a date we found out about and passed on to you three weeks afterward).

We have some terrific new info that you've all been waiting for: THE EXTRAS! Warner Home Video will soon make a general announcement for the second volume, and these extras will be listed:
  • Commentaries on more than 30 Cartoons
  • 9 Behind the Tunes Featurettes
  • 2 Documentaries
  • 50th-Anniversary "Bugs Bunny Tribute" Show
  • "The Adventures of the Road Runner" 1962 TV Pilot
  • "From The Vaults" Bonus Cartoon Rareties
  • New 2004 Short "Daffy Duck for President"
  • Music-Only Tracks, Bridging Sequences, Audio Recording Sessions
As we know from our last news item, one of the two documentaries listed is about Bob Clampett. Clampett's work is certainly represented on this set, both as animator and as director, in shorts such as "I Love to Singa," "Porky in Wackyland," and "A Corny Concerto."

Speaking of that, we need to make a correction about that list of shorts we originally published: one of the titles listed was "Corny Concerto" (Doc and Champ - 1943) . The year listed, 1943, was correct. And the title we gave was close: "A Corny Concerto," starring Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig and Elmer Fudd, is the proper way this ought to have been listed. When looking up details, I confused it with a similarly-named Walter Lantz Productions cartoon - starring "Doc" and "Champ" - from 1962. The '43 Bugs/Porky/Elmer cartoon is a classic, though: this is the one where Bugs and Porky dance ballets to Johann Strauss' Vienna Woods and Blue Danube, after introductions by "host" Elmer Fudd (who struggles with his tuxedo). It is widely considered to be a parody of Disney's 1940 film, Fantasia. I regret the error in my previous listing, and we have corrected it there today. Our thanks to sharp-eyed reader Mark Colangelo for alerting us to it!

Specs are full-frame, of course, with Mono sound and subtitles in English, French, and Spanish. It's also closed captioned for the hearing impaired. Here's the cover art for The Looney Toons - Golden Collection Volume 2, which arrives November 2nd at a price of $64.92 SRP for 60 cartoons in around 7 hours:

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But that's NOT all, folks! As we mentioned about a month ago, there is a second Looney Tunes release that same day. For the fans who don't want every cartoon, but just the best-loved ones. For the fans who don't want to pay for the extras, just "Gimme the Bugs!" Warner is also releasing The Looney Tunes - Spotlight Collection Volume 2 on November 2nd. Sporting no extras and only 2 DVDs (30 cartoons for 220 minutes), this release sells for the cut-rate price of just $26.99 SRP. Which you can see, just by looking at this cover art for it:

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Specs on Spotlight Collection 2 are the same: Full-frame video, Mono sound and subtitles in English, French, and Spanish, and closed captioned. The list of which cartoons are included on this set hasn't been released yet, but we'll let you know when we find out. Stay tuned!

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