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The Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes Comedy Hour - What Looney (and other) News did Jerry Beck Reveal?

New-to-DVD Bugs/Daffy cartoons are coming out in the Spring, Jerry says

Posted by David Lambert
As we reported, yesterday the guest on Stu's Show, on Shokus Internet Radio, was none other than animation historian/expert Jerry Beck. There were indications that Jerry would have some advance info about Warner Home Video's Looney Tunes DVD plans to talk about on the show...and we weren't disappointed. We got the word from several readers, and we thank each of you, but we also got the same info from show host Stuart Shostak, so let's look at the e-mail he sent us.

First off, Stu wants to thank everybody who listened in on his show. He tells us that "Jerry broke our record today for the most listeners in quite some time," and appreciates that. Jerry's agreed to return once more, and right now his next visit is planned for March 24, 2010. Mark your calendars! Now, on to the DVD news. Stu tells us that Warner "is going to be releasing single disc Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck DVDs in April that will be all new to the home video market - no double-dipping!" In other words, each of the cartoons included on these upcoming titles(15 per release, we understand) will all be new-to-DVD.

Jerry also took the time to go over the upcoming Mighty Mouse, The New Adventures - The Complete Series release, especially the bonus material (which we've previously reported on). Stu's info leaves off there, but other reader reports mention that Jerry brought up how there's a chance for more Mighty Mouse DVDs, including official releases of the old "TerryToon" shorts, if this release of the Ralph Bakshi series proves to be successful. On the "Saturday Morning Cartoons" side of things, we're told that Jerry said how these will keep coming, but that the '60s releases aren't proving as successful as Warner would like, so they will continue with a Saturday Morning Cartoons - 1970's Volume 3 set, and also try a Saturday Morning Cartoons - 1980's Volume 1 set at the same time. Warner is apparently also looking into the possibility of a "Golden Collection-style" release for Tom & Jerry cartoons, too (restored/remastered, naturally).

Keep in mind that none of these are formally announced by the studio, which can always change their minds (and plans) with no forewarning. So take it all with a grain of salt, until it becomes official. Also keep in mind that we haven't heard the actual show for ourselves, so we're depending on multiple reports from readers - all of which are consistent with their info, though - for this info. If you missed the show, too, then keep in mind that "the show is rerun in the same time slot during the next six days." That's actually a quote from Jerry himself, posted at his blog (which he runs along with Amid Amidi); be sure to give it a visit! Our thanks to Jerry, Stu, and everybody who was kind enough to write in. Stay tune for info about all of these possible upcoming titles, as further developments occur!

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