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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - Bi-da-bi-da-bi-da-bi-da...BUCK!

Posted by David Lambert
We've set a record of sorts here at TVShowsOnDVD. This news item is the 100th news story we've posted in the month of January, 2004...the first time we recollect that we've had that much news in a single month!

And we're not going to waste a special occassion like this on just any old news...we have the heads-up on a DVD release that Sci-Fi fans have been clamoring for!

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century is coming to DVD. And it should make it out this year, just in time for the 25th Anniversary of the series debut.

We first heard about this earlier in the month, when we received a note from show fan Mark Buchanan. Mark had attended a Sci-Fi convention, and was able to get close to someone involved. He was told straight-up that Gil "Buck Rogers" Gerard and Erin "Wilma Deering" Gray had been "called in to do commentary for the DVD release." That sounded great, but we couldn't break the story just on that information alone. So we waited, and tried to get more info.

Yesterday, the Gil Gerard/Buck Rogers Site, a fansite run by Rebecca Evans, posted this news:
    Universal Home Video are releasing Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (first season) on DVD this year, with introductions from Gil and Erin Gray. At present there isn't a release date but it coincides with the 25th Anniversary of the show this year.

Rebecca concludes her post with what seems to be a mysterious credit to someone named "Scott," so we'll thank him as well.

As if we needed any more unofficial confirmation, earlier today we got word from Eric Chmielewski over at another Buck fansite, Eric's info was straightforward:
    A close source to Gil Gerard and Erin Gray has announced that Universal is indeed planning to release Buck Rogers in the 25th Century on DVD this year. Great news! Details are pending, but both Gil and Erin are shceduled to provide material for the DVD introduction.

Eric wrote to us, because he also wanted to know - as we did, of course! - what Universal Home Video had to say about the matter. TVShowsOnDVD owner Gord Lacey contacted the studio, but they did not want to comment on-the-record at this time.

Again, this news, if true, is very exciting for fans of the series. After the seemingly successful DVD sales of another Glen A. Larson space show from the 80's - Battlestar Galactica - this is a a natural follow-up. And the right time for it, too.

Stay tuned, because we are definately going to be watching this release, and will update you just as soon as we hear anything further!

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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

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