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Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern - You Think YOU'VE Had Weird Meals? Check Out Image's Collection 3!

2-disc set from the Travel Channel arrives back home in late June

Posted by David Lambert
    Savor the weirdest the world has to offer with Andrew Zimmern, the planet's most adventurous eater! Armed with taste buds of iron, Andrew samples beaver chili in Maine, chows on cheese-sprinkled cow spleen in Sicily, learns to "confit" an entire piglet in a lesson from Chef Ben Ford (Harrison Ford's son) in Los Angeles and enjoys "Bombay Duck" - actually an ugly, smelly lizard eaten whole, bones and all - in Goa and so much more! Each episode of this popular series is a death-defying culinary adventure that will have you salivating for the next!
Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern - Collection 3 comes to DVD from Image Entertainment and the Travel Channel on June 23rd. The 2-disc set running 348 minutes will cost $19.98 SRP. Video is widescreen, audio is English Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo, and here's a list of the epsiodes:
  1. Goa, India: In India's smallest state, known for its miles of beautiful beaches, Andrew Zimmern dines on delectable curries both traditional and not-so-traditional, then visits a Ayurvedic center.
  2. Delhi, India: Andrew samples street food at the popular market Chandni Chowk, tries Nihari - a stew made from buffalo thighs, trotters and brains - and enjoys a special meal at a Sikh temple.
  3. Hawaii: Join Andrew in local delicacies such as he'e, which is made of octopus; Opihi, a rare shellfish; Na'au, which contains the organs of wild boar; and one he finds hard to take: Spam.
  4. Samoa: An abundance of tropical fruits and exotic delicacies await Andrew in the South Pacific, including fish that is so fresh that the heart is still beating when he eats it!
  5. Paris: On a mission to uncover the most unusual foods in Paris, Andrew also learns about the science behind creating intense flavor in tiny desserts and how snail caviar is made.
  6. Sicily: A city with a cuisine all its own, Sicily offers Andrew quarume, a dish made with tripe and stomach; cheese-sprinkled cow spleen; and a meal fit for a prince at the famous Osteria D'Vespry.
  7. Los Angeles: Andrew enjoys the best of this diverse city, including a meal prepared by Wolfgang Puck, scorpions and white sea worms at Typhoon and is served grasshoppers and menudo at a Mexican family dinner.
  8. Maine: Andrew gets a taste of beaver chili, forages for some unlikely edible plants to make stinging nettles soup and goes out to haul lobsters with a fishing legend.

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