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The Bionic Woman - Jaime Sommers on DVD before end-of-year? Looks like it!

Posted by David Lambert
In this news item yesterday, we filled you guys in on a DVD that Best Buy is giving away free (under certain conditions; see the other article for details). The disc comes courtesy of NBC-Universal, and is primarily used to show off six of NBC's hot new shows for the Fall 2004 broadcast lineup.

There's also a very interesting trailer on this disc, which goes over Universal's late 2004 TV-on-DVD lineup. The trailer starts with the familiar Universal logo, then shows screens saying "2004" and "Coming to DVD." It then launches into a number of TV series that we here at have already told you were on-the-way. Many of them, however, we didn't know precisely WHEN we would see them.

Well, the speculation ends for a number of these shows, as the studio clearly lists them in their "Coming to DVD 2004" trailer. And among the items on this trailer is The Bionic Woman! We've previously mentioned that this was coming, but we weren't sure if it would be this year or not. This seems to say we'll get it squeezed in during the holidays:

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Note that the entire trailer is letterboxed, but that doesn't necessarily mean that DVD releases of the shows it portrays will be widescreen: every show ought to be a full-screen item if Universal does things right. The trailer ends with the screen "Groundbreaking Shows," and then going over all of the logos from the series seen along the way. As you can see, Bionic Woman is included in those, which all flash by very quickly, before the trailer closes with the "Coming to DVD 2004" shot. In fact, Bionic Woman's logo flashes by twice in that sequence.

This is the only indication from the studio so far that we'll see the Season 1 set before the year ends. And don't forget, plans can always change. But things look good for fans of this show to get some DVDs pretty soon. Stay tuned, and we'll be here to fill you in with updates.

In the meantime, be aware that several new Universal TV-on-DVD offerings that came out this week (The Munsters and Night Gallery among them) include a new TV-on-DVD brochure that also mentions the shows in this trailer, including Bionic Woman. And they provide a URL to the studio's new website that promotes their current sets:; take a look!

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