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The Bionic Woman - Making the leap to DVD?...

Posted by David Lambert
Now that the hustle and bustle of the NBC-Universal merger is behind us, Universal Studios Home Video has plans. BIG plans. Universal has sent out a very nicely crafted book, approximately 35-40 glossy pages long and in full color.

The outer cover and first couple of pages is stark black, with silver lettering, that says "Great Television on DVD is Universal. Universal Studios Home Video is Proud To Present Some of the Most Dynamic and Influential Television Shows of the Past 40 Years. The ShowsThat Defined Generations, Influenced Popular Culture and Set the Standard for Television's Most Groundbreaking Programming are Coming to DVD."

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The indication from those words is that every television show covered in this brochure - and there are a LOT! - will be coming to DVD. There are many surprises contained therein, and we'll be telling you about them over the next couple of days. Here is one of them:

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Yes, it looks like The Bionic Woman is firmly in the crosshairs at Universal for DVD release in the near future. When, what, and how much? All "to be announced"; the document that was distributed to a select group only shows the series and their names, and insinuates that DVDs are on-the-way. No further information is given.

And where, you may ask, is The Six Million Dollar Man in this booklet? Nowhere. Not in sight at all. Did the Fembots get him? Did Oscar send him on a top secret mission? Is he being upgraded under the careful eye of Dr. Rudy Wells? Negative. Back in October, Variety published this story last October (registration required), which covers the new owners of the screen rights to Cyborg, the Martin Caidin novel that Six Million Dollar Man was based on. It seems that Universal let their license lapse (perhaps in the confusion leading up to the merger with NBC), and Dimension Films (a division of Disney/Buena Vista) snapped up those rights. So Dimension owns the screen rights to the basic idea, and Universal of course still owns the footaget to the old Lee Majors show. Fear not, though...Dimension and Universal are working together on a possible new major motion picture. Jim Carrey is supposed to star as Col. Steve Austin, so obviously they are going to play it for yuks. But this film, which won't start production until at least the Fall 2004 timeframe, could mark the tie-in needed to get the original series released on DVD.

So the spin-off may make it to DVD first, but we all know that behind every good Six Million Dollar Man is a Bionic Woman. We're exciting about the prospects of Jaime Sommers on DVD. Stay tuned, and we'll bring more info to you about this just as soon as we can!

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