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The Bionic Woman - Revised Package Art, Plus 2 Menu Screens, for Season 1 on DVD

Lindsay Wagner is the legendary cyborg schoolteacher in this October 19th release!

Posted by David Lambert
A week ago today we brought you the package art for Universal Studios' October 19th DVD release of Lindsay Wagner in The Bionic Woman - Season 1. Fans immediately complained about the cover design, noting that two of the smaller pictures (the "helicopter" and "running" images) were from the third season; it felt inappropriate for them to be on the first season box. Fans also noted that the large picture of Jaime Sommers seemed a bit too serious-looking, as well. TVShowsOnDVD passed this fan feedback along to Universal immediately, and the studio pulled the packaging graphics from distribution before the day was over.

A short time ago today Universal sent out the revised package art, and WOW! What a difference a week makes: the main image is the iconic picture of Jaimie from the show's opening credits (switching sides for that in the process, to accommodate the direction she's facing inthat shot), and the smaller images have been replaced as well. We also see that the picture of Oscar Goldman (Richard Anderson) is much more vividly colorful this time, so kudos to the studio for that detail as well.

Besides the improved packaging graphic, Universal has also supplied two screen captures of the menu screens from this 4-disc set. As you can see, the second menu shot demonstrates that Kenneth Johnson's commentary track is present for both Part 1 and Part 2 of the bonus cross-over episodes of "The Bionic Woman," which originally aired as part of The Six Million Dollar Man. It's always great to hear from Kenny, of course! More information about the extras on this title can be found here. We can't wait for the long-awaited DVD releases for both of the "bionics" shows, and we know you can't either. Stay tuned for more updates on these, as they become available!

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The Bionic Woman - Season 1
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The Bionic Woman - Season 1
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The Bionic Woman - Season 1
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