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Bionic Woman - Studio Responds About Bionic Amazon Listing

(They Seem To Be As Confused As We Are)

Posted by David Lambert
Yesterday (Monday) we began getting e-mails from readers (thanks to Johnnie J. Young for being first with the info) about a new listing found at Amazon for Bionic Woman - Volume 1, as the title calls it. The listing showed the release as shipping on March 18th from Universal, but at the time didn't indicate anything about whether it was the original 1976 series with Lindsay Wagner or the new 2007 version with Michelle Ryan. The listing DID say, at first, that this was to be a 2-disc set that would cost $29.98 list price, and could be pre-ordered from Amazon for $20.99. By this morning, however, the pricing and the number of discs was gone, though, and users could no longer pre-purchase the title.

We hesitated to post anything at first, despite the matter getting rapid discussion at online forums, because there was no official announcement from the studio, and lots of confusion over which incarnation of the show the release might be for. So we contacted Universal as quickly as possible, and we have been waiting for feedback from them about it.

The response is now in, and it's not looking positive for either version. The spokesperson for NBC Universal noted that the Amazon listing is now specifying the original series, per a newly-added mention of Lindsay Wagner as the star of this release. The spokesperson said, "this is definitely erroneous!"

We replied by asking them to confirm that the Amazon listing, showing the March 18th release date, was then for the modern version of the show. Their response was this: "We have not officially determined and/or announced a street date for the new Bionic Woman as of yet, but will be sure to update you as soon as we do!"

So that's that, at least for now. Based on the reaction from the studio, it looks like nothing has changed for the original series in regard to the legal obstacles preventing a DVD release in the United States. On the other hand, they say that they have not yet finalized a release date for DVDs of the Michelle Ryan series, either. Anything's possible, but one reason we agree that the Amazon listing has to be wrong is because it would be strange for Universal to announce a new March title at this point, since they are already in the process of announcing their April slate! Don't worry, we'll keep a bionic eye on this, though, so stay tuned!

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