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Bewitched - 2nd Season Info Leaked All Over the 'Net...

Posted by David Lambert
We're getting pelted with e-mail here from readers, and it seems the cat is out-of-the-bag! There are reports posted all over the internet, including such well-known websites as,,,, and at trade magazine Home Media Retailing's website (though the release date is wrong on the last one) about either Bewitched - The Complete 2nd Season or the tie-in DVD release of the 2005 Nicole Kidman film.

Since the beans are pretty much already spilled, we are also jumping Sony Pictures Home Entertainment's announce date as well, and letting our readers know that Bewitched - The Complete 2nd Season will arrive in stores on October 25th, just in time for Halloween. Like the previous release, this will again be sold separately in the original (and preferable) black-and-white version, and also available in a colorized version.

There are reports of both a $39.95 SRP (same as Season 1), and other reports that the SRP will be $49.95 instead, due to a 5th disc. Since both Season 1 and Season 2 had 36 episodes each, we're not sure why a 5th disc would be added by the studio, unless it was for more extras than were included last time. Obviously, these reports are going to be confused because we're still a week-and-a-half away from Sony's official announcement date.

We are clamming up about this release until that announce date (not next Monday - which has it's own nifty TV-on-DVD announcement from Sony - but the Monday after that), when we will pass along official studio info, not rumors or guesses. We thank the vast multitude of people who have e-mailed us about this, and we wanted to just say something for now so everyone can calm down and wait for the official announcement. Stay tuned for that news, and another piece of long-awaited Sony TV-on-DVD news that will come out on the same day!

Season 2 did NOT have 36 episodes, as stated above. The correct total is "38," which may necessitate the 5th DVD in the package that's rumored to be included. There are two additional episodes which we forgot to include in our count, because they aren't normally seen in syndication. "A Vision of Sugar Plums" is a remake of the first season's 15th episode, and was shown as the Christmas episode for the second year. A few weeks after that, another remake episode aired: "Samantha Meets the Folks," a remake of the first season's 14th episode. We hope that Son y includes these two, to *really* make it true that this is "The COMPLETE 2nd Season." Stay tuned and we'll let you know what we find out. Thanks to Pavan Badal of Sitcoms Online for the reminder!

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