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Batman: The Animated Series - 'Super Villains' Lineup Focuses on Catwoman, Killer Croc and Joker

3 new low-cost best-of releases are coming out in October

Posted by David Lambert
In the spirit of this month's upcoming title The Best of Batman, Warner Home Video is once again combining episodes of various animated adventures of the caped crusader into low-cost "best-of" DVDs. This time, though, they've got a new angle...and one which is sure to tie in with fans of the upcoming theatrical film, The Dark Knight Rises, which hits the cinema next month. The theme this time is "super villains," with 3 titles each focusing on a different member of Batman's rogues' gallery. All of these will be available in October, on two different dates.

The first title is Batman - Super Villains: Catwoman, featuring stories of Selina Kyle (who is played by Anne Hathaway in this summer's film). Next up is Batman - Super Villains: Killer Croc, starring the bestial alter ego of Waylon Jones. Finally is the 2-DVD set of Batman - Super Villains: The Joker's Last Laugh, with the clown prince of crime yukking it up. The last one is $19.98 SRP; the two single-disc sets mentioned first are priced at $9.97 SRP each. Below we have the details, and package art is at the bottom (front and rear for the single-disc sets, but just the front side for the Joker):

  • Batman - Super Villains: Catwoman
      1 disc, 3 episodes, 66 minutes, $9.97 SRP, October 2nd

        From the shadows of Gotham City emerges one of Batman's most deceptive foes, Catwoman. A cunning jewel thief with an agenda of her own, Catwoman holds a mysterious allure for the Caped Crusader, an allure that can be deadly! Pick up the trail with 3 exciting episodes starting with The Cat and the Claw, Part One. Batman foils Catwoman trying to steal a valuable necklace she intends to sell to buy a mountain lion preserve, but it seems a certain underworld group, led by the mysterious Red Claw, has its sights set on the same piece of land. With Batman and Catwoman forced to work together in The Cat and the Claw, Part Two, the unlikely duo has their hands full in a showdown with Red Claw. Finally, witness Batgirl Returns, as Barbara Gordon once again dons the mask of Batgirl to investigate the theft of a prized jade statue only to find Catwoman already on the case. Together, with a secret ally in tow, they unravel a mystery with far greater implications. So, crack the whip and steal away to Gotham City for some adventure with Batman and Catwoman!
      • The Cat and The Claw, Part 1 (Batman: The Animated Series)
      • The Cat and The Claw, Part 1 (Batman: The Animated Series)
      • Batgirl Returns (Batman: The Animated Series)

  • Batman - Super Villains: Killer Croc
      1 disc, 3 episodes, 65 minutes, $9.97 SRP, October 2nd

        Lurking in the sewers of Gotham City is Killer Croc, a terrifying half-crocodile man with a craving for crime. In Vendetta, Killer Croc has kidnapped a key witness set to testify in an important trial, and it's up to Batman to save the day. Even criminals need a friend in Love Is a Croc when a washed-up TV actress named Baby-Doll takes a liking to Killer Croc. They make a home in the sewer and become partners in crime - but Batman, along with Batgirl, has other plans for them. Judgment Day introduces a faceless vigilante who calls himself The Judge and wreaks havoc upon Gotham's super villains. Can Batman unmask this mysterious Judge and save the lives of the very super villains he has fought to jail? Take the plunge into the depths of Gotham City for killer adventures with Batman and Killer Croc!
      • Vendetta (Batman: The Animated Series)
      • Love is a Croc (Batman: The Animated Series)
      • Judgment Day (Batman: The Animated Series)

  • Batman - Super Villains: The Joker's Last Laugh
      2 discs, 13 episodes, $19.98 SRP, October 16th

        The Joker is Always Wild! In DC's rogues gallery, one criminal stands out above the rest, The Joker. Be there for the Clown Prince of Crime's most devious schemes in 13 action-packed animated episodes together for the first time in an all-new 2-disc collection. From a sinister sneak attack with sidekick Harley Quinn to releasing all the criminals from Arkham Asylum, this wildly dangerous prankster will do anything to get the last laugh. But as he faces off against some of DC's strongest superheroes, will the ultimate joke be on The Joker?
      • Christmas with the Joker (Batman: The Animated Series)
      • The Joker's Favor (Batman: The Animated Series)
      • Harley and Ivy (Batman: The Animated Series)
      • World's Finest, Part 1 (Superman: The Animated Series)
      • World's Finest, Part 2 (Superman: The Animated Series)
      • World's Finest, Part 3 (Superman: The Animated Series)
      • Joker's Wild (Batman: The Animated Series)
      • Harlequinade (Batman: The Animated Series)
      • The Bat in the Belfry (The Batman)
      • Hail the Tornado Tyrant! (Batman: The Brave and the Bold)
      • Emperor Joker! (Batman: The Brave and the Bold)
      • Rebirth, Part 1 (Batman Beyond)
      • Rebirth, Part 2 (Batman Beyond)
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    Batman - Super Villains: Catwoman

    Batman - Super Villains: Catwoman

    Batman - Super Villains: Killer Croc

    Batman - Super Villains: Killer Croc

    Batman - Super Villains: The Joker's Last Laugh

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