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The All-New Super Friends Hour - Season 1, Volume 2 DVDs Announced: Date, Box Art! ***UPDATE: EXTRAS AND MORE!***

2-disc set with the Wonder-Twins and Gleek coming in late January

Posted by David Lambert
Warner Home Video has announced that The All-New Super Friends Hour - Season 1, Volume 2 will come to DVD early in 2009. It follows up on this past January's release of Season 1, Volume 1 which introduced Wonder-Twins Zan and Jayna (and space-monkey Gleek).

And it's worth noting that the episodes on this upcoming release were produced prior to the Wonder-Twins-included adventures found on Warner's 2005 release of Super Friends - Volume 2 (it was never precisely clear why the studio titled the release that way...but don't worry about it; just enjoy the cartoons!).

It's worth noting that the back of the box for Warner's recent release of DC Super Heroes: The Filmation Adventures mentions to "Look for All-New Super Friends Hour - The Complete Series"; however our inquiries to the studio about their plans for that brought no response. It's possible that this was a misprint, and that they meant to promote this release instead. The "complete series" title might be coming down the road, but the studio has made only this announcement so far.

The new release with 32 more cartoons will arrive on January 27th. It's a 2-disc set presented in full screen video and with English audio. Pricing wasn't provided, but is expected to clock in at $26.99 SRP. Bonus material was not mentioned on this morning's original announcement, but we *are* expecting at least a few extras to be included. Here's a list of the included episodes, followed by the package art:
  • The Invisible Menace/ Initiation/Coming of the Anthropods/River of Doom
  • Attack of the Giant Squid/Game of Chicken/The Water Beast/Volcano
  • The Collector/Handicap/The Mind Maidens/Alaska Peril
  • The Fifty Foot Woman/Cheating/Exploration Earth/Attack of the Killer Bees
  • Forbidden Power/Pressure Point/The Lionment/Day of the Rats
  • Man Beasts of Xra/Prejudice/Tiny World of Terror/Tibetan Raiders
  • Frozen Peril/Dangerous Prank/The Mummy of Nazca/Cable Car Rescue
  • The Protector/Stowaways/The Ghost/Rampage
UPDATE: This afternoon Warner Home Video has confirmed the price of $26.99 SRP for 352 minutes' running time. They've also informed us that a Bonus Feature *is* indeed included on this release. It's a featurette called "The Wonder Twins Phenomenon: Zan and Jayna's Impact on Pop Culture." Finally, we've also learned that English subtitles are included as an option on this release.

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The All-New Super Friends Hour - Season 1, Volume 2 box art

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