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Alien Nation - Newcomer TV-DVD Set To Land In Early January!

Posted by David Lambert
In 1988, James Caan and Mandy Patinkin starred in the original big-screen version of Alien Nation, about how an enormous alien ship landed in the Mojave Desert, bearing 300,000 "Newcomers"...alien slaves bio-engineered by an unknown race for hard labor. After a three-year quarantine, they were released into the general population to settle down and find work among the cities of the USA...mostly in the Los Angeles area. One Newcomer, dubbed "Sam Francisco" by immigration officials, became a police officer and made detective, and was partnered with Det. Sgt. Matthew Sykes (who decided "Sam" was too corny, and re-dubbed his partner "George").

After the success of the broadcast film, a telefilm was aired in 1989 to determine if the concept would work as a weekly TV series. It did, and what followed was 21 episodes and 5 post-series telefilms. The lead roles were re-cast for television, with Gary Graham as Sykes and Eric Pierpoint as George Fransisco. Michele Scarabelli played George's mate, Susan, and Terri Treas was Sykes' alien (yet oh so attractive) neighbor, Cathy Frankel.

A month ago we reported about how the series' Executive Producer, Ken Johnson, had revealed he was recording commentary tracks for an upcoming DVD set of Alien Nation , and now we have Fox's release date for this Complete Series release. January 3rd is when this set lands, complete with the pilot telefilm and all 21 episodes (but not the post-season telefilms; those may come later if this release sells well). Johnson's commentary, as he indicated, is just on the telefilm. The only other extra we've heard about is a behind-the-scenes featurette.

The 989-minute set comes on 6 DVDs, with aspect ration in the original 1.33:1 full-frame video format and audio in the original English Mono soundtrack. A Spanish soundtrack is also present, as are subtitles for both languages. DVDPlanet is pre-selling this for $34.97, discounted from the $49.98 list price. Stay tuned; we'll bring cover art to you just as soon as it lands.

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