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Alice - What Happened to That Sweetheart Release of 'The Complete 3rd Season'?

Warner hasn't told fans to kiss their grits after all; these DVDs ARE in-the-works!

Posted by David Lambert
At the end of January we had a write-up about how had added THREE different listings - none of them taking pre-orders, but all of them showing a February 12th availability date - for Alice - The Complete 3rd Season DVDs from the Warner Archive Collection. Those listings are still there, showing that same Valentine's-Day-week date, but the sweetheart holiday has come and gone and obviously the Warner Archive website hasn't begun selling this title yet. What's going on?

Frankly there's no way to know if the data Amazon displayed was ever something Warner even had penciled in on their calendar or not, but perhaps it was. After all, intended dates change very frequently in the planning stages of any DVD release, and with MOD titles the schedule is even more subject to rapid changes at the point where everything gets finalized (which is why there's often little or no advance warning of an upcoming title; it's just suddenly for sale one day). But we've checked in with our contacts at the Warner Archive, and we've been informed that Alice - The Complete 3rd Season really IS coming to DVD from them, and hopefully fairly soon. They still can't give us a date yet, of course, nor have then finalized package art or pricing. But we just wanted to update you and let you know that this item is truly coming, so stay tuned...or, as Mel would say, "keep your shirt on!"

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