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The Adventures of Sinbad - The '90s Live-Action TV Series Gets Re-Released on DVD

The Complete 1st Season is coming back to Canadian retailers from Alliance this October

Posted by David Lambert
    Out of the storybook pages of '1001 Tales of the Arabian Nights' sails Sinbad -- the witties, most charming swashbuckler of them all. It is a time of magic. It is a time of adventure in a mystical realm of fantasy and legend. Through this world sails our romantic hero, Sinbad, and his intrepid crew: his brother, Doubar, a gentle giant who swings into action when Sinbad's in trouble; the beautiful and fiery Maeve, a sorcerer's apprentice who is learning how to master her magic spells as well as a boat-load of male crew members; and Firouz, the original absent-minded inventor who always has a new contraption to get Sinbad and his crew outof trouble.

    Pursued by the evil sorcerer Turok and his wicked daughter, Rumina, Sinbad and his crew encounter legendary monsters, exotic lands and powerful evil forces. Whether encountering beauty or beast, our all-too-human hero Sinbad has only his wit, agility and crew of trusted shipmates to ward of enchantment and conques those who would spoil his fun. A series that brings you fantasy and action so real, audiences everywhere will want to set sail with 'The Adventures of Sinbad'.
Koch Vision (now E1 Entertainment, a name soon to be adjusted to "eOne") put out The Adventures of Sinbad - The Complete 1st Season. on DVD in Canada back in 2004. It appears, though, that their license to put out home videos of the program has expired, because Alliance Films Media has picked up the rights and will be re-releasing the DVD title on October 19th. It's unclear at this time whether the previous masters will be re-used, or if these will be new transfers. Cost of the new release is CA$25.99 SRP, but you can pre-order it at a discount from's listing. Stay tuned for cover art!

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