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The Adventures of Pete & Pete - Cool Details & Supplements Disclosed For 2nd Season Set!

Posted by David Lambert
Last month we told you about the upcoming Nov. 1 release of the highly anticipated The Adventures of Pete & Pete - Season 2, but we were awfully thin on the details. Paramount has fixed that for us, though, by sending out the details of their November list of titles. Here's what they had to say about Pete & Pete's 2nd season:
    The quiet town of Wellsville, USA offers a canvas to a surreal comedy in which an odd world is seen through the eyes of pre-teens. The cast of characters includes two brothers named Pete and Pete, their mom who has a metal plate in her head, Artie the spandex-wearing super-hero, and Petunia, little Pete's tattoo. Season two of one of the most requested classic Nick franchises is now available on separate double disc DVD compilations! THE ADVENTURES OF PETE AND PETE - SEASON TWO contains all episodes from the complete second season of The Adventures of Pete & Pete plus bonus features.

  • Full screen format
  • Dolby Digital English and Spanish stereo
  • Closed-caption for the hearing impaired
  • Optional audio commentary tracks on select episodes
  • Five Pete & Pete shorts: Artie the Strongest Man in the World, The Punishment, Route, X-Ray Man, The Launch
  • Pete & Pete Special - Space Geeks & Johnny Unitas

    Here is something strange about the info Paramount sent us, though: Amazon & other e-tailers say SRP is "$26.99," but Paramount's info says "S.R.P.: $49.99 (C$32.99 in Canada)." We're sure that the USA price shown in the new spec sheet is obviously a typo because it's higher than the Canada price, which is not the way things normally work due to the exchange rates. So if you see that "$49.99 SRP" listed elsewhere on the internet, take it with a grain of salt. Or, if you're nervous, then just go ahead and pre-order it from Amazon for $18.89; you couldn't possibly lose, could you?

    Paramount has also sent out the rear cover art, so take a look at it (front cover art is below that, in case you missed it):

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