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The Adventures of Pete & Pete - Nick's 'Rewind Collection' Continues with Pete & Pete!

Posted by David Lambert
Just the other day we were very pleased to bring you the announcement that Clarissa Explains It All - Season 1 was that start of something cool: Nickelodeon's "Rewind Collection" of DVDs from early classic shows.

Now Nick and distributor Paramount Home Entertainment are pleased to announce the second title in the Rewind Collection: The Adventures of Pete & Pete - Season 1.

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The Adventures of Pete & Pete was a surreal comedy in which a peaceful suburban neighborhood was a strange and skewed world as seen through the eyes of pre-teens. Wellsville, USA contained many different unique characters, such as: two brothers that were both named Pete, their mom who had a metal plate in her head, Artie the spandex-wearing super-hero, and Petunia, little Pete's tattoo. The Adventures of Pete and Pete originated as a series of one-minute vignettes (shorts) in 1990, then was expanded into a series of five specials, and then became a regular weekly series in late 1993 for three seasons. There is still a strong Pete & Pete fan base that has submitted an on-line petition to Nickelodeon to put Pete & Pete on DVD, with 3800 signatures to date.

Not to mention enough votes for the show here at TVShowsOnDVD to put the show at position #84 among our most-requested shows not yet released to DVD! And 98% of our voters wanted season sets...and that's indeed what you get. On May 17th (the same date as the Clarissa release), this hits stores on a 2-disc set that runs 292 minutes. All 8 episodes from the first season are present, of course. No word yet on whether any of the vignettes or specials that preceded that season are going to be included, but stay tuned. We'll keep you posted if we find out anything.

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