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ABC Afterschool Specials - Hop aboard the schoolbus! 13-DVD limited edition features the most unique package yet

Posted by David Lambert
BCI Eclipse's series of Afterschool Specials on DVD has featured some of the most unique and interesting packaging ever seen in the market. Their first pair of releases were designed to look like the old "Trapper Keeper" notebooks seen in schools during the '70s (and still around to this day). The second wave took on a "school locker" appearance, while the final set were boxed up in a yearbook-style container.

So what does BCI do for an encore? How about a box set of all twelve discs, plus a bonus 13th disc with two bonus episodes and other special features, all wrapped up in a schoolbus-style packaging? Sure enough, BCI is planning on bringing that to us on August 23rd, in a limited-edition of just 5000 units:

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That "yellow school bus," cleverly designed to show off several of the show's young stars in the bus windows (is that The Brady Bunch's Robert Reed driving the bus?), contains all twelve previously-released discs featuring 24 episodes that won 18 Emmy awards among their various honors. The final two episodes of Martin Tahse's award-winning Afterschool Special installments are included in this set, so you get all 26 Tahse-produced episodes. On top of that, you get Tahse himself featured in several extras that accompany this set. All of these are featured on the 13th bonus disc:
  • The Dog Days of Arthur Cane ("Dog Trouble"; 1984)
  • Picking Up the Pieces ("Just Tipsy, Honey," 1989)
  • Extras:
    • Radio interview from "Talk Of The City" with Martin Tahse
    • Radio segment from NPR's "On The Media"
    • Afterschool Special clip reel of the stars' highlighted moments

You can pre-order this amazing box set from for $53.98, which is discounted from the list price of $59.98. Nice job, BCI!

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