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ABC Afterschool Specials - 3rd Wave Includes Some of TV's Emmy-Winning Best! Details + Inside-&-Out Pics!

Posted by David Lambert
Waaay back in Sept. 2004 we broke the news about some of the best television ever made coming to DVD: The After School Specials aired on ABC and produced by Martin Tahse and his production company. As a youngster, I hurried home from school to catch these specials when they aired, and now as a Dad I make sure my son gets a chance to see these on DVD. BCI Eclipse has put out four great volumes so far, and now they have two more coming to stores this Spring.

Each wave of releases have featured new, innovative packaging that reminds anyone who went to school during that era of their classroom surroundings. The first pair looked like "Trapper Keeper" notebooks, the second round were made out like school hallway lockers, and now the third wave is going for the classy-looking "yearbook" approach. Here are the two new releases closed, followed by Volume 5 opened up to show the faux-yearbook interior:

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As with all the previous releases, the 5th and 6th volumes are each 2-DVD sets that go for $12.95 SRP, come with 4 episodes per release, plus bonus photo galleries. Here are the episodes you'll find on these, including alternate titles, awards, and cast you'll know from elsewhere:
  • Volume #5: 1981 - '82
    • A Matter of Time (Emmy Award winner, starring Rob Lowe of The West Wing)
    • First Step (winner of 2 Emmy Awards, a.k.a. "She Drinks A Little," starring Bonnie Bartlett of St. Elsewhere)
    • Tough Girl (starring Bibi Besch of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)
    • The Night Swimmers (a.k.a. "Daddy, I'm Their Mama Now," starring Jason Hervey of The Wonder Years)

  • Volume #6: 1982 - '86
    • Two Loves For Jenny (a.k.a. "Between Two Loves," starring Robert Reed of The Brady Bunch)
    • Did You Hear What Happened to Andrea? (winner of 5 Emmy Awards!, a.k.a. "Andrea's Story: A Hitchhiking Tragedy," starring Michele Greene of L.A. Law and Kirk Cameron of Growing Pains)
    • Ace Hits The Big Time (starring James LeGros of Ally McBeal)
    • Face at the Edge of the World (a.k.a. "A Desperate Exit," starring Malcolm-Jamal Warner of The Cosby Show and Rob Stone of Mr. Belvedere)

Street date is May 24th, timed to hit around the same time VH1 presents their own special documentary, "When After School Specials Ruled The World." This has been inspired by the publicity surrounding the DVD releases of the old shows, and features key talent as well as BCI Eclipse's DVD producer! The two new releases are easy to buy in advance for under $10 at popular online retailers. Vol. 5 can be pre-ordered from Amazon, DVDPlanet, or DVDEmpire. Vol. 6 can be pre-ordered from Amazon, DVDPlanet, or DVDEmpire as well. If you've missed out on the previous releases, we recommend you use this Amazon link to see all the available titles. All of these releases have received high accliam from magazines, newspapers, and websites alike, including this one. Highly recommended!

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