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1st & Ten - HBO's Football Sitcom Starring Delta Burke & O.J. Simpson Comes To DVD

Posted by David Lambert
The early '80s saw the rise of the cable giants, especially HBO, and also saw the dawn of made-for-cable original televison programming. One of the earlier series was HBO's 1st & Ten, a sitcom about a fictional football team called the California Bulls. The concept was that Diana Barrow, played by a young, sexy Delta Burke, was a divorcee who took ownership of the rundown football team and had to work with Coach Ernie Denardo (Reid Shelton) to whip the team into shape and win some games! "John Manzak" (John Matuszak), "Bubba Kincaid" (Prince Hughes), "Bob Dorsey" (Geoffrey Scott), "Tombstone Packer" (Lawrence Taylro), "Carl Witherspoon" (Sam Scarber), and "Jethro Snell" (Cliff Frazier) are some of the names of the Bulls football players that fans of the show will remember. The fly in the ointment was Diane's nephew, Roger (Clayton Landey), who wanted Diane out and was happy to use his mob connections to try to accomplish that.

By the time the second season rolled around, though, it was Roger who was out, and the new G.M. of the team was T.D. Parker, played by none other than O.J. Simpson! That happened almost a decade before Simpson's arrest and trial in regard to the murder of his ex-wife Nicole and her companion Ron Gold, and it was regarded as a very favorable move to include such a highly regarded star who had some film acting under his belt already (The Towering Inferno, Capricorn One). The show lasted until 1990-91, believe it or not, although Burke exited in 1988 after 32 episodes, and after she had already started appearing in a sitcom that went on to become a bigger hit: Designing Women. By the time that show debuted, 1st & Ten was no longer coming out regularly, but instead brought out new shows on an occassional basis.

Now online retailer is listiing 1st & Ten - Season #1 and 1st & Ten - Season #2 for pre-order, both due to hit stores on August 23rd. Each season is sold separately for $29.95 SRP each (DVDPlanet's price is $20.97 each), for a 2-DVD set. The sets are coming to market via Goldhil. We don't have cover art yet, or any other details, but stay tuned and we'll bring them to you once they're available.

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