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Earthflight - The BBC's David Tennant-Narrated Documentary on DVD, Blu

The 2011 production is coming to North American home video in April

Posted by David Lambert
    David Tennant (Harry Potter, Doctor Who) narrates this exhilarating adventure, filmed over four years with help from camera-carrying birds, drones, paragliders and remote-control microflight planes. Feel your heart pound as you scramble with snow geese to escape the talons of a bald eagle above North America. Soar with cranes over Venice and the white cliffs of Dover. Sail over South American mountains, jungles and waterfalls with hummingbirds and condors. Circle with vultures high above African plains, and navigate a dangerous Himalayan pass with demoiselle cranes on their way to India. This wondrous aerial spectacle will make your spirits soar!
The BBC's North American distributor, Warner Home Video, has today announced that the 2011 documentary, Earthflight, is coming to DVD and high-def Blu-ray Disc on April 8th. This six-episode production narrated by Doctor Who's David Tennant will be on 2 DVDs for $34.98 SRP, and 2 BDs for $39.98 SRP.

For those who are looking for a less expensive option, on the same date BBC/Warner is also releasing Winged Planet, an hour-and-a-half edit of this mini-series, seen from the birds' point of view. This will be a single-disc DVD title, priced at $19.98 SRP. Finalized package art isn't available for any of these yet, but above is the studio description of Earthflight, and below here is the studio description of Winged Planet:
    In this stunning natural history film, the 90 minute featurized version of BBC's acclaimed Earthflight series, you can see what the birds see - snow geese dashing through Monument Valley and New York City, with their 3D wing tips stretching out of the screen ... scarlet macaws racing through the rainforest as if it were a high-speed obstacle course ... vultures soaring miles above the earth, then zooming down to scout wildebeest herds far below. Hold on for the ride of your life as you cruise just above the ocean. Great white sharks, dolphins and whales leap up at you - so close, you can almost touch them. A stunning and wondrous journey guaranteed to take your breath away, time and again.

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