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Inside Amy Schumer
Manufacture-on-Demand Blu-ray Release for 'Season 3'
Night Shift, The
Sony Schedules DVDs for both 'Season 1' and 'Season 2'
Dr. Ken
Ken Jeong Stars in Sony's 'Season 1' on DVD
'Season 1' Announced by Universal for DVD, Blu-ray Disc
Star Trek
Front Box Cover Artwork, Pricing for 'The Roddenberry Vault'
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Season 5

The Complete 1st Season
News for September, 2016 - 64 Items

Show Name
News Title
Date Posted
19-2 Release Date, Pricing for 'Season 3' on DVD 9/14/2016
90210 Manufacture-on-Demand Blu-ray Releases Planned for All 5 Seasons 9/20/2016
As Time Goes By 3 Remastered Series in 'The Silver Anniversary Collection, Volume 1' 9/16/2016
Batman: The Animated Series 'Super Villains Double Feature' with 'Superman: The Animated Series' 9/15/2016
Beauty and the Beast The 4th and 'Final Season' DVDs: Date, Package Art, More! 9/19/2016
Beauty and the Beast Special Features Revealed for 'The Final Season' on DVD 9/20/2016
Better Call Saul Blu-rays, DVDs for 'Season 2': Date, Cost, Packaging, Extras! 9/20/2016
Black Sails Shiver Me Timbers! Press Release for 'The Complete 3rd Season' on DVD, Blu-ray 9/12/2016
Bob Hope Show, The Time Life Announces Bob's 'Specials: Thanks For The Memories' 9/01/2016
BrainDead What's Eating Washington, D.C.? Find Out With 'Season 1' DVDs! 9/19/2016
Carol Burnett Show, The 1-DVD, 3-DVD, and 6-DVD Collector's Edition for 'The Lost Episodes: Classic Carol' 9/14/2016
Close to the Enemy (mini-series) The Star-Studded Show Airing on Starz is Coming to DVD, Blu-ray 9/14/2016
Constantine Press Release: Date, Box Art, Extras for DVDs, Blu-rays of 'The Complete Series' 9/14/2016
Constantine 'The Complete Series' is Coming to DVD and Blu-ray Disc 9/07/2016
Curious George 'The Complete 9th Season' DVD is Coming this Fall 9/08/2016
Disappearance, The (mini-series) RLJ/Acorn's Press Release For Their Upcoming DVD Release 9/15/2016
Downton Abbey Package Art, Release Date, and Extras for 'The Complete Collection' 9/07/2016
Dr. Ken Ken Jeong Stars in Sony's 'Season 1' on DVD 9/23/2016
Faking It DVD Plans for 'Season 3,' The Final Season of this Amazing Show! 9/08/2016
Faking It The 3rd and Last Season is NOW AVAILABLE on DVD!! 9/09/2016
Game of Thrones Blu 'Steelbook Collectors Set' for 'Season 5' and 'Season 6' 9/16/2016
Harley and the Davidsons (mini-series) The Mini-Series is Scheduled for DVD, Blu-ray Disc Late This Year 9/12/2016
Heartland Canadian Release Date, Box Cover for 'The Complete 9th Season' 9/01/2016
Hee Haw Time Life Press Release announces 'Salute' DVDs in 2 Configurations 9/22/2016
Hell on Wheels Press Release, Box Art for 'The Complete Series'; 'Season 5, Volume 2' 9/21/2016
Hell on Wheels 'Season 5, Volume 2: The Final Episodes' Package Art 9/13/2016
Hell on Wheels Blu-rays, DVDs for 'Season 5, Volume 2' AND for 'The Complete Series' 9/08/2016
House of Lies Possible Release Date Found for 'The Final Season' 9/02/2016
House of Lies Showtime and CBS/Paramount's Fifth and 'Final Season' 9/19/2016
Indian Summers Official PBS Press Release for 'The Complete 2nd Season' 9/07/2016
Inside Amy Schumer Manufacture-on-Demand Blu-ray Release for 'Season 3' 9/23/2016
Into the Badlands Anchor Bay Issues a Formal Press Release for 'The Complete First Season' 9/15/2016
Into the Badlands AMC's Show is Scheduled for a DVD Release This Fall 9/13/2016
Jericho Official Studio Press Release for the 2016 Show Starring Jessica Raine 9/15/2016
Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures Disney XD's Press Release for 'Complete Season 1' 9/09/2016
Librarians, The Official Date, Cost, and Extras for 'Season 1' on DVD! 9/06/2016
Librarians, The Package Art, Front and Rear, for 'Season 1' on DVD! 9/16/2016
Lucy Show, The Studio Confirms 'The Complete Series': Date, Package Art, More! 9/06/2016
Lucy Show, The Could 'The Complete Series' be Coming to DVD Soon? 9/02/2016
Magician, The VEI Pulls Titles from 'Coming Soon' Page; Adds 'Jake and the Fatman'...What's Up? 9/01/2016
Midsomer Murders Official RLJ/Acorn Press Release for Blu-rays, DVDs of 'Series 18' 9/12/2016
Mr Selfridge PBS Sent Out the Package Art for 'The Complete Series' 9/22/2016
New Girl Date, Cost, Pricing, Front Box Art for 'The Complete 5th Season' 9/16/2016
Night Of, The Blu-rays, DVDs Announced for Fall via HBO's Press Release 9/12/2016
Night Shift, The Sony Schedules DVDs for both 'Season 1' and 'Season 2' 9/23/2016
Outlander Sony Announces 'Season 2': Finalized Date, Cost, Packages, Extras 9/06/2016
Pink Panther Show, The Pricing, More Package Art for 'The DePatie-Freleng Collection' 9/08/2016
Poldark Blu-rays, DVDs Scheduled for 'The Complete 2nd Season' 9/01/2016
Pound Puppies 'Puppy Party' DVD Announced for December 9/02/2016
Shannara Chronicles, The High-Definition Blu-ray Disc Release Announced for 'Season 1' 9/19/2016
Sonic X Date Change for 'Collection 1' DVDs? 'X' Marks the Spot! 9/21/2016
Sons of Liberty (mini-series) Announced for DVD Re-release as a Double Feature with 'Texas Rising' 9/13/2016
Star Trek Front Box Cover Artwork, Pricing for 'The Roddenberry Vault' 9/22/2016
Star Trek: Animated Individual Release of the Complete Series on High-Def Blu-ray Disc! 9/21/2016
SuperMansion Date, Cost, Details, Box Art (Front & Back) for 'Season 1' DVDs! 9/06/2016
Survivor A New DVD Date Now for 'One World ' and 'Philippines' 9/21/2016
TURN: Washington's Spies Date, Cost, Extras, Early Box Art for 'The Complete 3rd Season' 9/09/2016
Versailles 'Season 1' Announced by Universal for DVD, Blu-ray Disc 9/23/2016
Walking Dead, The Finalized Street Date for 'The Complete 6th Season: Limited Edition' 9/13/2016
Wentworth Cover Art Arrives for 'Season 1' on DVD 9/22/2016
Wentworth Release Date, Cost for 'Series 1' on DVD 9/02/2016
Wonder Years, The Time Life Sends Over Their Press Release for the 6th and Final Season 9/09/2016
Young Dracula MOD Release for 'The BBC Series: Complete Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4' 9/07/2016
Zoo 'Season 2,' Based on James Patterson's Novel, Coming to DVD 9/20/2016

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