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'Unlimited' Re-Release for 'The Complete Series' on DVD
Steve Canyon
'The Complete TV Series, Volume 3' DVDs...FINALLY Almost Here! ***UPDATE: Now In Stock!***
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
2003 Show's 'Cowabunga Christmas' DVD is Announced
'Season 1' of the Nickelodeon Show is Coming to DVD
Comedy Bang! Bang!
It Turns Out that 'Season 3' Didn't Come Out Today After All...
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News for July, 2015 - 111 Items

Show Name
News Title
Date Posted
Dexter 'Unlimited' Re-Release for 'The Complete Series' on DVD 7/28/2015
Steve Canyon 'The Complete TV Series, Volume 3' DVDs...FINALLY Almost Here! ***UPDATE: Now In Stock!*** 7/28/2015
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003 Show's 'Cowabunga Christmas' DVD is Announced 7/28/2015
Breadwinners 'Season 1' of the Nickelodeon Show is Coming to DVD 7/28/2015
Comedy Bang! Bang! It Turns Out that 'Season 3' Didn't Come Out Today After All... 7/28/2015
Barnaby Jones Buddy Ebsen is the Focus of this Cover Art Preview from VEI 7/27/2015
Grace Under Fire Brett Butler Graces the Cover Art of 'The Complete Collection' 7/27/2015
Hotel 'The Complete Collection' Packaging Artwork is Now Available! 7/27/2015
Johnny Test 'Seasons 1-5' Set is Coming to DVD this September 7/27/2015
Sanjay and Craig MOD Release Now Available for 'The Complete 1st Season' 7/27/2015
Mr. Belvedere Shout!'s 'Season 4' Re-Release Seems to be Sold in Stores This Time! 7/24/2015
Murdoch Mysteries Blu-ray Discs and DVDs are Available Very Soon for 'Season 8' 7/24/2015
Busy World of Richard Scarry, The Mill Creek's 'Complete Series' 6-DVD Set...Soon! 7/24/2015
Madeline 'The Complete Collection' on DVD, with 59 Episodes and 6 Specials 7/24/2015
Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures, The DVDs for '26 Mice Tales Around The World' 7/24/2015
Bunch of Munsch, A Date, Cost, Details, Box Art for 'The Complete Series' from Mill Creek 7/24/2015
Wild West, The (mini-series) The 8-Part Documentary with Ray Mears is Coming to DVD 7/24/2015
NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service 'Wide' General Release for 'The Best of Abby' 3-DVD Set 7/23/2015
Casual Vacancy, The (mini-series) Blu-rays, DVDs for the 3-Part Mini-Series Based on J.K. Rowling's Novel 7/23/2015
Edge, The Julie Brown, Jennifer Aniston, Tom Kenny and Wayne Knight Star! 7/23/2015
Heartland Canadian Release Date, Cost for 'The Complete 8th Season' 7/23/2015
Big Time Rush 'The Complete 1st Season' is Now Available as an MOD Title 7/23/2015
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell Details, Packaging, Extras for the Blu-ray and DVD Releases 7/23/2015
Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Bravo's 'Season 1,' Starring Lisa Edelstein, on DVD 7/23/2015
Years of Living Dangerously Blu-ray Release for 'The Complete Series' 7/23/2015
Walking Dead, The Package Art Found for 'The Complete 5th Season Limited Edition' Blu-rays 7/22/2015
Sentinel, The Package Art is Previewed for 'The Complete Series' on DVD! 7/22/2015
Cannon A Preview of the DVD Packaging for VEI's 'Complete Collection' 7/22/2015
Bewitched Fall Re-Release from Mill Creek of 'The Complete Series' DVDs 7/22/2015
I Dream of Jeannie 'The Complete Series' (Re-?) Re-Release is Coming this Fall 7/22/2015
Little House on the Prairie Release Date for 'Season 7'...AND 'The Complete Collection,' Too! 7/22/2015
Mad Men Date for 'The Final Season, Part 2' and 'The Complete Collection' 7/22/2015
Nurse Jackie Possible 'Season 7' Release Date is Found Up in the North 7/22/2015
Wild Thornberrys, The 'The Complete Series' 15-DVD Package is Coming 7/22/2015
Hell's Kitchen DVDs for 'Season 12: Raw and Uncensored'...Jean-Philippe's Last! 7/22/2015
Six Million Dollar Man, The 'Wide' General Retail Release for 'The Complete Series' on DVD! 7/21/2015
Bionic Woman, The All 3 Seasons Together for the First Time in 'The Complete Series' 7/21/2015
Heroes 'The Complete Series' - Back on DVD, and on Blu-ray for the First Time! **UPDATED** 7/21/2015
My Favorite Martian 'The Complete Series' Starring Ray Walston and Bill Bixby! 7/21/2015
Bates Motel Universal Checks in With 'Season 3' Announcements on DVD, Blu-ray 7/21/2015
Aquarius 'The Complete 1st Season': Date, Cost, Extras, David Duchovny Cover Art 7/21/2015
Over the Garden Wall (mini-series) Complete Animated Mini-Series Coming in September 7/20/2015
Kaboul Kitchen Season 1 Coming Late-July 7/20/2015
Churchmen, The Season 1 Announced 7/20/2015
Goldbergs, The Season 2 Officially Announced - With Artwork 7/20/2015
Orphan Black Official Season 3 Press Release 7/20/2015
Homeland Street Date, Updated BD/DVD Box Art for 'The Complete 4th Season' 7/17/2015
Bones Canadian Sources Show a Street Date for 'The Complete 10th Season' 7/17/2015
Sleepy Hollow Probable Release Date for 'The Complete 2nd Season' on DVD, Blu-ray 7/17/2015
Last Man on Earth, The The First DVDs are Coming with 'The Complete 1st Season!' 7/17/2015
Fresh Off the Boat 'The Complete 1st Season' is Fresh for DVD this Fall 7/17/2015
Back to the Future 'Complete Animated Series' DVDs Date, Cost, Extras, Packaging 7/16/2015
Batman Batgirl Makes it The Terrific Trio in 'The Complete 3rd Season': Press Release, Package! 7/16/2015
Facts of Life, The Revised/Corrected Package Art for 'The Complete 7th Season' 7/16/2015
Doctor Who Industry Gossip Gives a Date for 'Dark Water/Death In Heaven' 3D Blu-ray 7/16/2015
Haven Street Date, Pricing, Art for 'Season 5, Vol. 1' on DVD, Blu-ray 7/16/2015
Rookie Blue eOne's Formal Press Release for 'Season 5, Volume 1' on DVD 7/16/2015
Carol Burnett Show, The 'The Lost Episodes: Ultimate Collection' is Coming Next Month! 7/15/2015
Facts of Life, The George Clooney Joins the Cast in 'The Complete 7th Season' 7/15/2015
Pee-wee's Playhouse Shout!'s Blu-ray Disc Release for the 'Christmas Special' 7/15/2015
Saint, The A Timeless Release of 'Seasons 1 and 2,' Starring Roger Moore! 7/15/2015
When Calls the Heart 'Follow Your Heart,' 'Year 2 Collection' Announced 7/15/2015
Outlander Press Release for 'Season 1, Volume 2' on DVD, Blu-ray, Blu Collector's Ed. 7/14/2015
Wayward Pines DVD Plans for the Fox Series Starring Matt Dillon and Carla Gugino 7/14/2015
Aquarius The 1st Season of David Duchovny's New Show: Early Info, Date on DVD and Blu-ray 7/14/2015
Good Witch Hallmark Channel's Series Starring Catherine Bell is Coming to DVD 7/14/2015
Olympus The Syfy-Aired Show is Coming to DVD, Blu-ray from Shout! Factory 7/14/2015
A.D. The Bible Continues NBC's Short-Lived Bible Spin-Off Series for DVD, Blu-ray Disc 7/14/2015
Back to the Future Co-Creator/Producer Says The Animated Series is Coming to DVD! 7/13/2015
Site News Shout!'s SDCC 2015 TV Round-Up: Manimal, Automan, Dairanger, Blu Freaks and Geeks! 7/13/2015
Penny Dreadful 'The Complete 2nd Season': Date, Extras, Package Art 7/13/2015
South Park Details, Extras, Date and Cost for 'The Complete 18th Season' 7/13/2015
Mission: Impossible DVD Re-Release with 'The Complete Original Television Series' 7/13/2015
Charlie Brown/Peanuts Specials We DON'T Cover DVDs Of Theatrical Films. Except When We Do, Part 2 7/13/2015
Avatar: The Last Airbender 16-DVD Package for 'The Complete Series' is Scheduled 7/13/2015
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 'The Complete 1st and 2nd Seasons' of Nick's 2012 Series 7/13/2015
Happyish Showtime/Paramount Announces 'Season 1' on DVD: Date, Early Cover Art 7/13/2015
Tut (mini-series) Ben Kingsley and Avan Jogia Star in the Spike TV Mini-Series 7/13/2015
American Horror Story Street Date Found for 'The Complete 4th Season: Freak Show' 7/10/2015
Vikings New Package Art Appears for the Upcoming 'Complete 3rd Season' 7/10/2015
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Package Art (Front and Back), Extras for 'Season 2' 7/10/2015
Returned, The The Complete Series of the USA Adaption of the French Show 7/10/2015
Sam & Cat 'The Complete Series' of the iCarly/Victorious Spin-Off/Sequel 7/10/2015
Lost in Space Packaging Pictures Arrive for 'The Complete Adventures' on Blu-ray! 7/09/2015
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Blu-ray Discs, DVDs Planned for 'The Complete 2nd Season' **UPDATED** 7/09/2015
Agent Carter 'The Complete 1st Season' on DVD and Blu-ray Disc! **UPDATED** 7/09/2015
Black-ish ABC/Disney Plans DVDs for 'The Complete 1st Season' **UPDATED** 7/09/2015
Partridge Family, The Official Announcement, Packaging for 'The Complete Series' Re-Release 7/08/2015
Good Times 'Complete Series' Re-Release is Now Official; Package Art Revealed! 7/08/2015
Grimm Updated and Slightly Different Cover Art for 'Season 4' on DVD and Blu-ray 7/08/2015
Hell on Wheels 'The Complete 4th Season' Press Release: FINAL Date, Details, and More! 7/08/2015
NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service 'The Best of Abby' DVD, Featuring Pauley Perrette 7/07/2015
Grimm 'Season 4' Announced for DVD, Blu-ray: Date, Cost, Extras, Artwork 7/07/2015
Blacklist, The Sony Sent Over Their Offiicial DVD/Blu-ray Press Release for 'The Complete 2nd Season' 7/07/2015
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 'Trickster Treat' Features Spooky Stuff from Morphin, Samurai, Zeo, Megaforce 7/07/2015
Centurions, The 'Part 1' DVD Set: Release Date, Pricing, Details, Cover Art 7/06/2015
Following, The Press Release: 'The Complete 3rd and Final Season,' 'The Complete Series' 7/06/2015
100, The Press Release for 'The Complete 2nd Season' Has Changed Date, Changed Art! 7/06/2015
Goldbergs, The Release Date Found for 'The Complete 2nd Season' on DVD! 7/06/2015
Mike Tyson Mysteries 'Season 1' of the [adult swim]/Cartoon Network Show on DVD 7/06/2015
Empire 'The Complete 1st Season' Press Release: Finalized Date, Box Art, Extras 7/02/2015
Adventure Time Official Press Release for 'The Complete 5th Season' on DVD, Blu 7/02/2015
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Re-Release for 2003's 'Meet Casey Jones' and 'The Shredder Strikes' 7/02/2015
SpongeBob SquarePants 'The Adventures of' Collects Mermaid Man/Barnacle Boy Stories! 7/02/2015
Site News TV Guide Spotlights Animal Stars, Game Shows, Westerns and Crime Stoppers! 7/02/2015
Game of Thrones Pursue the Iron Throne with Steelbook Collectors Sets on Blu-ray 7/01/2015
Growing Pains Release Date, Cover Art, Pricing and Details for 'The Complete 5th Season' 7/01/2015
Lawman 'Wide' MOD Release Date for 'The Complete 1st Season' 7/01/2015
Under the Dome Blu-rays, DVDs are Planned for 'The 3rd Season' 7/01/2015
Reign Press Release for 'The Complete 2nd Season' DVD Set 7/01/2015
When Calls the Heart 'Heart And Home' DVDs are Just a Shout! Away 7/01/2015

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