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Laverne & Shirley
High-Res 3D Package Art for 'The Complete Series' 28-DVD Set
Growing Pains
Warner Archive Reveals Plans for 'The Complete 4th Season'
Dr. Kildare
DVD Release from the Warner Archive for '4th Season' Episodes Soon
Wanda at Large
'The Complete 1st Season' of the Sitcom from the Warner Archive
Naked and Afraid
Discovery Channel's 'Season 1' is Scheduled for DVD
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News for March, 2015 - 95 Items

Show Name
News Title
Date Posted
Laverne & Shirley High-Res 3D Package Art for 'The Complete Series' 28-DVD Set 3/27/2015
Growing Pains Warner Archive Reveals Plans for 'The Complete 4th Season' 3/27/2015
Dr. Kildare DVD Release from the Warner Archive for '4th Season' Episodes Soon 3/27/2015
Wanda at Large 'The Complete 1st Season' of the Sitcom from the Warner Archive 3/27/2015
Naked and Afraid Discovery Channel's 'Season 1' is Scheduled for DVD 3/27/2015
Yukon Men 'Season 3' of the Discovery Channel Show is Coming to DVD 3/27/2015
My Little Pony Tales Shout!'s Official Press Release for 'The Complete TV Series' 3/26/2015
Heartland USA Art for 'The Complete 5th Season' Will Differ From Canada's 3/26/2015
Ripper Street Possible Street Date Found for 'Season 3' on DVD and Blu-ray Disc 3/26/2015
Call of the Wildman 'Season 4' DVDs From Animal Planet/Discovery 3/26/2015
Getting On It Looks Like HBO's 'Season 2' Plans Have Been Pushed Back 3/26/2015
Glee Official Fox Press Release with Finalized Extras for 'The Final Season, The Complete Series' 3/25/2015
White Collar 'The CON-Plete Collection' and 'Season 6': Formal Press Release 3/25/2015
Rogue Press Release, Finalized Box Art for 'The Complete 2nd Season' 3/25/2015
Sons of Liberty (mini-series) History Channel/Lionsgate Deliver a Press Release, Box Art for DVDs, Blu-rays 3/25/2015
Astro Boy The 2003 Series Gets a 'Complete Series' Set this Spring! 3/25/2015
Johnny Test 'The Complete 5th Season' Announced: Date, Cost, Package! 3/25/2015
Laverne & Shirley 'The Complete Series' 28-DVD Set is Scheduled for Summer! 3/24/2015
Odd Couple, The Jack Klugman and Tony Randall Return to DVD in 'The Complete Series' 3/24/2015
Rockford Files, The Packaging Picture Arrives for the 'Movie Collection, Vol. 2' 3/24/2015
Married... with Children Gotta Wait for 'Seasons 9 and 10'? NO MA'AM! They're Scheduled for May 3/24/2015
NewsRadio Mill Creek to Re-Release 'The Complete Series' on DVD 3/24/2015
Larry Sanders Show, The Hey, Now! 'The Complete Series' Returns to DVD...from Mill Creek 3/24/2015
Glee Finalized Date, Packaging, Details for 'The Final Season' and 'The Complete Series' 3/23/2015
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003 Show's Nick Releases: 'NYC Showdown' and 'Search for Splinter' 3/23/2015
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 Show's 'Pulverizer Power' DVD is Going to Wide Retail 3/23/2015
Dance Moms Finally Available: 'Season 3, Volume 1' and 'Season 3, Volume 2' 3/23/2015
Bones Early DVD Info, Artwork for 'The Complete 10th Season' 3/20/2015
Doctor Who Contents List Found for the Upcoming 2-DVD Set of 'The Cybermen' 3/20/2015
Inside Amy Schumer Update List of Bonus Features for 'Seasons 1 and 2' on DVD 3/20/2015
CPO Sharkey Official Time Life Press Release for 'The Complete Season 1' 3/19/2015
Mr Selfridge 'The Complete 3rd Season' on Blu-ray, DVD: Formal Press Release from PBS 3/19/2015
Britain's Bloodiest Dynasty 'The Plantagenets': 4-Episode UK Miniseries on DVD from Athena/Acorn 3/19/2015
Batman Press Release, Packaging Announces 'The 2nd Season, Part 2' 3/18/2015
Donna Reed Show, The MPI Home Video to Re-Release 'Season 3' this Summer 3/18/2015
Beetle Bailey and His Friends '65th Anniversary Complete Collector's Edition' DVD Gift Set 3/18/2015
Drop Dead Diva Possible Date, Cost, and Box Art for 'The Complete 6th Season' 3/18/2015
Rockford Files, The 'Movie Collection, Vol. 2' AND 'The Complete Collection' Are Announced! 3/17/2015
Parks and Recreation Box Art for Both 'Season 7: The Farewell Season' and 'The Complete Series' 3/17/2015
Pretty Little Liars Warner's 'The Complete 5th Season' Gets Finalized Cover Art 3/17/2015
Rectify Press Release, Box Art Announcing 'The Complete 2nd Season' 3/17/2015
Broadchurch Exclusive First Look at the Press Release for 'The Complete 2nd Season' 3/16/2015
Rogue Thandie Newton Cracks the Front Box Art for 'The Complete 2nd Season 3/16/2015
Book of Negroes, The (mini-series) BET's First Mini-Series is Coming to DVD this Spring 3/16/2015
Wolf Hall (mini-series) PBS-aired Miniseries About Thomas Cromwell in the Court of King Henry VIII 3/16/2015
CPO Sharkey SURPRISE! DVDs for 'The Complete Season 1' of the Don Rickles Sitcom! 3/13/2015
Major Crimes Front Package Art for 'The Complete 3rd Season' DVD Set 3/13/2015
Miss Marple 'Volume 3' Starring Joan Hickson is Scheduled for DVD, Blu 3/13/2015
Fortitude Stanley Tucci, Christopher Eccleston, Michael Gambon, Jessica Raine in the Arctic Thriller! 3/13/2015
Uncle Grandpa Press Release with All the Details for 'Vol. 2: Good Mornin' 3/13/2015
One Step Beyond Film Chest Press Release Announces a 6-DVD Collector's Set 3/12/2015
Beetleborgs Metallix 'Season 2, Vol. 2' DVDs at Last are Something to Shout! About 3/12/2015
Midsomer Murders Acorn Announces 'Series 14' and 'Series 15' DVD Sets 3/12/2015
When Calls the Heart Shout! Schedules DVD Releases of the Hallmark Show's 2nd Season 3/12/2015
Signed, Sealed, Delivered Hallmark Channel's 'Complete Series,' with a Different Sort of Detective 3/12/2015
Lost in Space Even MORE For you About the Upcoming Blu-ray Disc Release 3/11/2015
Masters of Sex Blu-ray/DVD Press Release and Blu Package Art for 'Season 2' 3/11/2015
Power Blu-rays, DVDs Scheduled for the Series from Exec Producer 50 Cent 3/11/2015
Dakotas, The DVDs for 'The Complete Series' of the Abruptly-Ended 1963 Western 3/11/2015
Broadchurch Olivia Colman and David Tennant Cover the Box of 'The Complete 2nd Season' 3/11/2015
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues Early Info Provides Date and Cost for 'The Complete 2nd Season' ***UPDATED*** 3/10/2015
Bonanza 'Vol. 1' and 'Vol. 2' DVDs Announced for 'The Official 8th Season' 3/10/2015
L Word, The Showtime/Paramount to Re-Release 'The Complete Series' DVDs 3/10/2015
Hart of Dixie Warner to Bring Out 'The Complete 3rd Season' DVDs at Last! ***UPDATED*** 3/10/2015
Ray Donovan Liev Schreiber and Jon Voight in 'Season 2' on DVD and Blu 3/10/2015
Site News Voting Has Now Launched for the 2015 Home Media Magazine Awards! 3/10/2015
Lost in Space Our Pretty Penny, Angela Cartwright, Confirms Blu-ray, Talks Extras 3/09/2015
Parks and Recreation Bonus Material Revealed for 'Season 7: The Farewell Season' 3/09/2015
Ed Sullivan Show, The (AKA Toast of the Town) '6-DVD Best-Of Collector's Set' and 'Best Unforgettable Performances' 3/09/2015
Drop Dead Diva 'The Complete Series' Set is Scheduled by Sony for Spring ***UPDATE/CORRECTION (3/11): SONY SAYS THIS IS INCORRECT INFO*** 3/09/2015
Bold Ones: The Senator, The Timeless DVDs for 'The Complete Series' starring Hal Holbrook 3/09/2015
Curious George Universal Isn't Monkeying Around: 'The Complete 1st Season' Announced! 3/06/2015
Squidbillies Warner Revised the Release Date and Package Art for 'Volume 6' 3/06/2015
Campbells, The All 4 Seasons of the 1986 Series Coming to DVD in 'The Complete Series' 3/06/2015
Jamaica Inn (mini-series) DVD for the 3-Part Miniseries Starring 'Downton's' Jessica Brown Findlay 3/06/2015
Mr Selfridge Check Out the Box Art for 'The Complete 3rd Season' on DVD, Blu 3/06/2015
Wire, The HBO Announces a High-Def Blu-ray Disc Release of 'The Complete Series' 3/05/2015
Newsroom, The Press Release Announced the 3rd and Final Season: Date, Details, Packaging! 3/05/2015
Awkward. The 4th Season DVDs are Being Outlined: Box Front, Price, More! 3/05/2015
Finding Carter DVDs Are Coming for MTV's Recent Show 3/05/2015
Faking It 'Season 2, Part 1' is Being Planned for DVD! 3/05/2015
State of Affairs Universal Surprise: DVDs Now Available for NBC's Show Starring Katherine Heigl 3/04/2015
Thunderbirds BLU-RAYS ARE GO! Blu and DVD Releases This Summer from Shout!/Timeless 3/04/2015
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic More 'Cutie Mark Quests' are Coming to DVD! 3/04/2015
Littlest Pet Shop Shout!'s Next DVD Release Will Have You 'Paws For Applause' 3/04/2015
New Tricks Complete Details, Including Extras and Box Art, for 'Season 11' 3/04/2015
Masters of Sex The Showtime Series is Coming Again: 'Season 2' this Spring! 3/03/2015
Facts of Life, The Individual Season Set is Scheduled for 'The Complete 6th Season' 3/03/2015
Hart to Hart The Hart-ache is Over: Shout! Announces the 5th and Final Season 3/03/2015
Young Hercules Ryan Gosling in 'The Complete Series' on DVD! 3/03/2015
Murdoch Mysteries Acorn/RLJ Announces a DVD Set With the 2004-05 Pre-Series Movies 3/03/2015
Orange Is the New Black We've Got Breaking-Out News About 'Season 2' on DVD and Blu-ray Disc! 3/02/2015
Challenge of the GoBots High-Res 3D Packaging, plus Amazon Info, for 'Volume 2' on DVD 3/02/2015
Cops Packaging Picture Screeches to a Halt for 'Wildest Chases' DVD 3/02/2015
Musketeers, The Revised Box Covers for 'The Complete 2nd Season' on DVD, Blu-ray 3/02/2015

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