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Finalized Package Art Shows Up for the 'Complete Movie and TV Collection'
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Robert Stack and Shelly Novack in 'The Complete Series': Now Available!
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'Season 2' of the Western from the Late '50s is Now Available!
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Artwork Arrives at Amazon for 'Season 1, Volume 2: It Gets Louder'
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Blu-rays and DVDs Announced for 'Season 3': Date, Packaging, Cost
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News for September, 2017 - 74 Items

Show Name
News Title
Date Posted
Game of Thrones Street Date and Cover Art for 'The Complete Seasons 1 to 7 Giftset' 9/29/2017
Inspector George Gently Release Date, Pricing for 'The Complete Collection' 9/29/2017
Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking, A Season Up Your DVD Collection with 'Season 5'! 9/29/2017
Dink, the Little Dinosaur Box Cover Art Arrives for 'The Complete Series' on DVD 9/28/2017
Leftovers, The Specific Date and Pricing Now for 'The 3rd and Final Season'on Blu-ray 9/28/2017
Shots Fired (mini-series) DVDs for the Fox Event Series from Spring 2017 are Planned 9/28/2017
Stan Lee's Lucky Man Universal Announces 'Season 1' on DVD Late This Year! 9/27/2017
Acceptable Risk 'Series 1' of the Drama/Thriller is Coming to DVD and Blu-ray 9/27/2017
When Calls the Heart Official Press Release for 'Television Movie Collection: Year 4' 9/27/2017
Flipper First-Ever DVD and Blu-ray Releases for 'Season 3'! 9/26/2017
Orville, The Engage Quantum Drive! DVD Plans for Seth MacFarlane's 'Season 1' 9/26/2017
24: Legacy Press Release Officially Announces DVD: Date Confirmed, Finalized Package 9/26/2017
Berlin Station DVDs for the First Season of the 2016 Epix Original Series 9/26/2017
Carol Burnett Show, The A 6-DVD Retail Release of 'The Best Of: 50th Anniversary Edition' 9/25/2017
Saving Hope USA Date, Package Art for 'The Complete 5th Season' 9/25/2017
Fall, The 'The Complete Collection' Cover Art, on Blu-ray Disc and DVD 9/25/2017
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 'Tales of the Turtles V3: The Final Chapters' DVD Announced 9/22/2017
Fargo 'Year 3' Info Found: Release Date, Pricing, Early Package Art 9/22/2017
Sherlock Cover Art for the Upcoming Gift Set Shows a Startling New Title 9/22/2017
24: Legacy Possible Release Date Found Up North for the Short-Lived Spinoff 9/22/2017
Jamie Foxx Show, The Shazam! The Warner Archive Announces 'The Complete 4th Season' 9/21/2017
iZombie WBshop Now Lists 'The Complete 3rd Season' on Blu-ray 9/21/2017
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend It's A Date! The Studio Schedules 'The Complete 2nd Season' 9/21/2017
Dink, the Little Dinosaur 'The Complete Series' of the 1989 Ruby-Spears Cartoon! 9/21/2017
Zoo DVDs for 'Season 3' Are Announced by CBS/Paramount 9/20/2017
Orphan Black 'The Complete Series' Announced: Package Art, New Bonus Item! 9/20/2017
Rules of Engagement The Incomplete Series? Sony's 'Seasons 1-4 Collection' 9/20/2017
Movin' On Claude Akins Stars in 'Season 1' and 'Season 2' DVDs ***UPDATE: Purchase Links*** 9/20/2017
Family Guy Fox Official Press Release, Finalized Box Art, for 'Season 15' 9/19/2017
Dukes of Hazzard, The Get Them Good Ol' Boys in 'The Complete Collection' 9/19/2017
Super Force 'The Complete Collection' DVD Set for the 1990 Series 9/19/2017
Leftovers, The Update for 'The 3rd and Final Season' on Both DVD and Blu-ray 9/19/2017
Special Unit 2 'The Complete Series' DVDs Are Finally Scheduled by VEI 9/18/2017
Preacher Official DVD and Blu-ray Announcement for 'Season 2' from Sony 9/18/2017
Crown, The The Emmy-Winning 'Complete 1st Season' is Officially Announced! 9/18/2017
How to Marry a Millionaire 'Season 2' is Now Available on DVD! 9/18/2017
One Day at a Time Shout! Sent Us Their Official Press Release for 'The Complete Series' 9/15/2017
Walking Dead, The When Will 'The Complete 7th Season: Limited Edition' Walk the Streets? 9/15/2017
Outcast Release Date Revealed for 'Season 1' of the Cinemax Show 9/15/2017
Game of Thrones DRACARYS! Hot Press Release, Box Art Invades for 'The Complete 7th Season' 9/14/2017
Twin Peaks David Lynch Gives Us Peaks at the Release Date, Art for 'The 3rd Season' 9/14/2017
Librarians, The Possible Release Date this Autumn for 'Season 3' on DVD 9/14/2017
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: The Series Two Single-Disc DVDs for the Cartoon Network Show 9/14/2017
Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes Comedy Hour, The Official Warner Press Release for 5-DVD 'Porky Pig 101' Set 9/13/2017
Outlander Fans Still Wanting a 'Full Season 1' on DVD Format? It's Coming! 9/13/2017
Vietnam War, The (mini-series) Press Release for the Mini-Series by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick 9/13/2017
Family Guy Return to Quahog this Fall for 'Season 15,' Amazon Says! 9/12/2017
Strain, The 'The Complete 4th Season' DVDs: Date, Cost, Package Art 9/12/2017
Good Place, The Official Studio Press Release for 'The Complete 1st Season' 9/12/2017
Humans Update, Including Extras, for '2.0: Uncut UK Edition' on DVD, Blu-ray 9/12/2017
Coach Delay Of Game! Mill Creek Sacks 'The Complete Series' for a 2-Week Loss! 9/11/2017
Friday Night Lights Penalty Flag! 2 Week Delay on 'The Complete Series' for DVD, Blu-ray 9/11/2017
Preacher Blu-rays, DVDs for 'Season 2': Date, Pricing, Cover Art 9/11/2017
Crown, The Claire Foy, John Lithgow, Matt Smith in 'Season 1' on DVD, Blu-ray Disc 9/11/2017
Master, The Kino Lorber Reveals DVD and Blu-ray Plans, starring Lee Van Cleef 9/08/2017
American Horror Story Blu-rays and DVDs are ALREADY Being Planned for the 'Cult'! 9/08/2017
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency 'Season 2' General Retail Release Appears to be Early '18 9/08/2017
Good Karma Hospital, The 'Series 1' Set for DVD and Blu-ray Disc from RLJ/Acorn 9/08/2017
One Day at a Time CONFIRMED! 'The Complete Series' DVDs in 2017 from Shout! 9/07/2017
South Park Blu-ray Package Art Now for 'Season 6' Through 'Season 11' 9/07/2017
Police Woman Are You Still Hot for Pepper? Shout! Brings 'The Complete 3rd Season'! 9/07/2017
Simon & Simon A General Release for 'Season 8: The Final Season' DVDs, as Shout! Sells it 'Wide' 9/07/2017
Daniel Boone Release for 'Season 6: The Final Season Collector's Edition' 9/07/2017
Power Rangers Jungle Fury 'The Complete Series' Gets an Individual Release on DVD 9/07/2017
One Day at a Time In-the-Works for DVD, All at Once...NOT One Season at a Time! 9/06/2017
C.S.I. 93-DVD Release for 'The Complete Series,' Including the Finale 9/06/2017
South Park Press Release: Blu-ray Sets for the First 11 Seasons of the Show! 9/06/2017
Garfield and Friends Press Release Announces 'Happy Holidays Garfield' DVD 9/05/2017
Teen Titans Go! Another Date Change for 'Season 4, Part 1: Recess Is Over' 9/05/2017
Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! Possible Street Date Found for 'Season 1, Part 2' 9/05/2017
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency BBC Shop to Sell 'Season 2' Late This Year! 9/01/2017
Fall, The Blu-rays, DVDs for Both 'Series 3' and 'The Complete Collection' 9/01/2017
Doc Martin 'Series 8' Scheduled for DVD and Blu-ray? You Bet! 9/01/2017
Inspector George Gently Release Date Found for 'Series 8' on DVD and Blu-ray 9/01/2017

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