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We've Now Got the Official Press Brief from Fox for 'The Complete Season 8: Dreamland'
Americans, The
Fox's Formal Press Brief is Declassified for 'The Complete 5th Season'
13 Reasons Why
'Season 1' DVD's Official Press Release from Paramount Home Media Distribution
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Could a Blu-ray Disc be Coming for Aang, Katara, and Sokka??!!!
Cold Feet
'The New Years: Season 1' Comes to DVD this Spring
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News for March, 2017 - 94 Items

Show Name
News Title
Date Posted
SpongeBob SquarePants Re-Release This Spring for 'The First 100 Episodes (Seasons 1-5)' 3/31/2017
Hotel 'The Complete Collection' Re-Release...At a Fraction of the Price! 3/31/2017
Teletubbies Eh-Oh! It's the '20th Anniversary: The Best of the Best Classic Episodes' 3/31/2017
Art of More, The Release Date, Pricing, and Cover Art for 'Season 2' DVDs 3/31/2017
100, The Release Date, Cover Art Spotted for 'The Complete 4th Season' 3/30/2017
Riverdale 'The Complete 1st Season' of The CW's Incredible New Series 3/30/2017
Humans Blu-ray Disc, DVD Release Dates for 'Season 2' of the Show! 3/30/2017
Ice eOne Press Release Announces 'Season 1' for DVD 3/30/2017
Diagnosis Murder Blu-ray Version Coming - SOON! - for 'The Complete Collection' 3/29/2017
Vega$ Jackpot! We've got the Package Art for 'The Complete Series' 3/29/2017
Pretty Little Liars Warner Sent Us a Press Release for 'The Complete 7th and Final Season' 3/29/2017
Loud House, The Nick's 'Season 1, Volume 1: Welcome to Loud House' DVD 3/29/2017
Grimm 'Season 6,' 'The Complete Collection' Announced for DVD, Blu-ray! 3/28/2017
Baa Baa Black Sheep (AKA Black Sheep Squadron) Robert Conrad Stars in a Complete 'Season 1' DVD Set! 3/28/2017
Van Helsing The Syfy Show is Announced for DVDs, Blu-rays of 'Season 1' 3/28/2017
Shooter 'Season 1' of the USA Network Show on DVD: Box Art, Pricing, Extras, and Release Date 3/28/2017
Joan of Arcadia 'The Complete Series' Starring Amber Tamblyn, Jason Ritter, Mary Steenburgen, Joe Mantegna 3/27/2017
Becker Ted Danson Stars in All 6 Seasons with 'The Complete Series' 3/27/2017
Numb3rs (Numbers) Add the Six Seasons Together in 'The Complete Series' this Summer! 3/27/2017
Father Dowling Mysteries This Summer, Solve the Secret of 'The Complete Series' Set! 3/27/2017
Beauty and the Beast Studio Confirms 'The Complete Series' DVD Set; Provides Package Art 3/27/2017
Dark Matter 'Season 2' Announced for DVD and Blu-ray: Date, Cost, Packaging 3/24/2017
Justice League Action Possible Release Date for 'Season 1, Part 1' on DVD ***UPDATED*** 3/24/2017
Fortitude 'The Complete 2nd Season' on DVD and Blu-ray, From PBS 3/24/2017
Tunnel, The Blu-ray, DVD for 'The Complete 2nd Season: Sabotage' 3/24/2017
Bones Press Release for 'Season 12: The Final Chapter,' 'Flesh and Bones Collection' 3/23/2017
Daniel Boone USA and Canadian Dates for 'Season 5: Collector's Edition' 3/23/2017
Last Kingdom, The Package Art is Enthroned for 'Season 2' on Blu-ray Disc, DVD 3/23/2017
TV Party 'The Complete Collection' of the New York City Public-Access TV Classic ***UPDATED*** 3/23/2017
Paradise (AKA Guns of Paradise) 'The Complete 1st Season' Starring Lee Horsley, Jenny Beck 3/22/2017
Xiaolin Showdown DVDs for the 3rd and Final Season of the Classic Animated Adventure! 3/22/2017
Monchhichis No, We Didn't Say 'Munchy Cheese!' We're Talkiing About the Classic '80s Cartoon! 3/22/2017
King Solomon's Mines (mini-series) We've Got the Scoop About DVDs, Blu-rays for the Patrick Swayze Mini-Series! 3/22/2017
Prison Break Blu-rays, DVDs for 'The Event Series' ('Season 5') are In-the-Works 3/21/2017
Coronet Blue The Short-Lived 1967 Classic is Coming to DVD Soon! 3/21/2017
McCarthys, The The 'One-and-Done' (Season) Sitcom is Now Available on DVD! 3/21/2017
Art of More, The 'Season 1' DVDs Now For Sale; 'Season 2' In-the-Works! 3/21/2017
Static Shock '1st Season' DVD Extras! '2nd Season' is In-the-Works! 3/20/2017
Crossings (mini-series) Package Art and Description of the DVD for the Danielle Steel Miniseries 3/20/2017
Last Kingdom, The 'Season 2' Announced for DVD and Blu-ray Disc: Date, Pricing 3/20/2017
Kennedys: After Camelot, The (mini-series) Packaging for the Mini-Series Starring Katie Holmes and Matthew Perry 3/20/2017
Family Guy 'Season 15' DVDs Are Already Up for Pre-Order at Amazon! 3/17/2017
Sleepy Hollow DVD Plans are Being Carved Out for 'The Complete 4th Season' 3/17/2017
Legion VERY Early Package Art for 'Season 1' of Marvel's FX Channel Series 3/17/2017
Alisa Knows What To Do! (AKA Alisa Znaet, Chto Delat!) NCircle Plans a 'Season 1' DVD Release, per Amazon 3/17/2017
CHiPs 'The Complete 6th and Final Season,' The Complete Series' DVDs! 3/16/2017
Teen Wolf 'Season 6, Part 1' DVDs In-the-Works; Early Box Art Appears! 3/16/2017
Beauty and the Beast DVD Release Date for 'The Complete Series' Starring Kristin Kreuk, Jay Ryan 3/16/2017
Call the Midwife An Early Look at Front Cover Art for 'Season 6' DVDs 3/16/2017
Homeland Blu-rays and DVDs Already Being Planned for 'The Complete 6th Season' 3/15/2017
America's Next Top Model DVD Plans for 'Cycle 6,' 'Cycle 7' and 'Cycle 8' 3/15/2017
Oddball Couple, The DVD Release for the Animated Show Based on 'The Odd Couple' 3/15/2017
Planet Earth II (mini-series) BBC Press Release for the Acclaimed Mini-Series on DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K UHD-BD 3/15/2017
Mannix 'The Complete Series' on DVD: All 8 Seasons Starring Mike Connors! 3/14/2017
Streets of San Francisco, The CBS/Paramount Announces 'The Complete Series' Set! 3/14/2017
Divorce Official HBO Press Release for 'The Complete 1st Season,' Starring Sarah Jessica Parker 3/14/2017
Young Pope, The Blu-rays, DVDs for HBO's New Show Starring Jude Law and Diane Keaton 3/14/2017
Lou Grant STOP THE PRESSES! Possible Delay with 'The Complete 5th and Final Season' DVDs? ***UPDATED*** 3/14/2017
Modern Family DVDs are In-the-Works for 'The Complete 8th Season' ***CORRECTION: Correct Box Image Now Displayed*** 3/13/2017
Orphan Black Blu-rays, DVDs are ALREADY Being Planned for the 5th and Final Season 3/13/2017
Jane the Virgin 'The Complete 2nd Season' on DVD, Blu...PLUS Blu for the '1st Season'! 3/13/2017
Inside Amy Schumer 'Season 4' Announced: Street Date, Package Art ***UPDATED!! x2!!*** 3/13/2017
Kennedys: After Camelot, The (mini-series) Universal's 2-DVD Set Starring Katie Holmes, Matthew Perry 3/10/2017
Home Movies 'The Complete Series' to Get Re-Released this Summer! 3/10/2017
Rake RLJ/Acorn to Re-Release DVDs for 'Series 1' 3/10/2017
Snake City 'Season 3' DVD Set of the National Geographic Reality Show 3/10/2017
Site News Mill Creek Offers 6 Classic Shows on 'Red White & Blue Collar Sitcoms' 3/09/2017
Statler Brothers Show, The A Possible Update About the DVDs We Reported About Yesterday 3/09/2017
Transformers: Rescue Bots Shout! Announces 'Vol 13: Rescue Family' on DVD 3/09/2017
Littlest Pet Shop 'Great Pet Adventures' DVD from the 2012 Series 3/09/2017
Statler Brothers Show, The Industry Source Says to Expect 'The Best Of, Volume 1' This Spring! 3/08/2017
Most Wanted DVDs for the 1976 Show Starring Robert Stack, Shelly Novack 3/08/2017
Ripper Street The BBC Has Blu-rays and DVDs Planned for 'Season 5' 3/08/2017
Years of Living Dangerously 'Season 2' is Coming to DVD from National Geographic/Fox 3/08/2017
Vampire Diaries, The Blu-ray Disc, DVD Box Cover Art for 'The Complete Series' Sets! 3/07/2017
Suits Universal Announces 'Season 6' DVDs of the USA Network Show 3/07/2017
Kingdom Shout! Announces DVDs for 'Seasons 1 and 2' 3/07/2017
When Calls the Heart 'The Heart Of The Community' DVD this Summer 3/07/2017
ALF Packaging Pictures for 'The Complete DVD Collection: Collector's Edition' 3/06/2017
All-New Scooby and Scrappy-Doo Show, The DVD Release for 'Scooby-Doo and the Creepy Carnival' 3/06/2017
Call the Midwife Blu-ray Disc and DVD Release Date for 'Season 6' from the BBC 3/06/2017
Mars The Groundbreaking National Geographic Show, on DVD and Blu-ray Disc 3/06/2017
ALF 'The Seasons 1-4 Collection' Announced by Lionsgate 3/03/2017
Drunk History Official Studio Press Brief for the 'Season 4' DVDs 3/03/2017
DCI Banks Finalized Street Date, Packaging for 'Season 5' DVDs 3/03/2017
Sports Detectives PBS/Smithsonian Channel Press Release for the Show's DVD Set 3/03/2017
Orange Is the New Black Date, Pricing, Extras, Packaging and Details for 'Season 4' 3/02/2017
Vega$ Robert Urich Stars as 'Dan Tanna' in 'The Complete Series DVDs! 3/02/2017
4400, The CBS/Paramount to Re-Release 'The Complete Series' on DVD 3/02/2017
Queen Sugar Warne's Press Release Announces 'The Complete 1st Season' DVDs 3/02/2017
Rugrats 'Season 1' and 'Season 2' Announced for 'Wide' General Release! 3/01/2017
Last Ship, The Eric Dane, Adam Baldwin in 'The Complete 3rd Season' 3/01/2017
Murdoch Mysteries Blu-rays and DVDs Scheduled for 'Season 10' of the Series! 3/01/2017
Affair, The 'Season 3' is Coming to DVD this Spring from Showtime/Paramount 3/01/2017

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