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The Stars Turn, And The Time Presents Itself for Winners Of The 2018 Home Media Awards: 'Twin Peaks' Takes Top Honors!
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Bella Thorne Stars in 'The Complete 1st Season' of the Freeform Series
Tiffani Thiessen and Peter Facinelli Return to DVD in 'The Complete Series'
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The New 'The 3 Film Collection' Gathers the '98 Miniseries and Both Sequels!
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The 1999 Mini-Series is Getting a Re-Release, This Time with Digital Copy
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News for November, 2012 - 132 Items

Show Name
News Title
Date Posted
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Update About 2012's 'Rise of the Turtles' DVD: Cost, Contents, Early Box Art 11/30/2012
Being Human A List of Extras has Materialized for 'The Complete 2nd Season' on DVD, Blu 11/30/2012
Femme Fatales Bonus Material for 'The Complete 1st Season' on DVD 11/30/2012
Men Who Built America, The (mini-series) Blu-rays, DVDs for This October's History Channel Miniseries 11/30/2012
Storage Wars DVD Date is Discovered for a 'Volume 4' Set 11/30/2012
Swamp People 'Season 3' DVDs are Surfacing this February 11/30/2012
NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service 'The Complete 10th Season' is Being Investigated for DVD 11/29/2012
NCIS: Los Angeles DVD Plans are In-the-Works for 'The 4th Season' of the Spin-Off 11/29/2012
C.S.I. CBS/Paramount is Working on DVD Plans for 'The Complete 13th Season' 11/29/2012
C.S.I.: NY 'The Complete 9th Season' DVDs are Up for Pre-Order 11/29/2012
Criminal Minds A DVD Set for 'The 8th Season' of the Show is On Long-Distance Radar 11/29/2012
Weeds Lionsgate Sparks Up Blu-ray, DVD Packages for 'Season 8: The Final Season' 11/28/2012
Nurse Jackie Packaging Pics for 'Season 4' Have Shown Up, on DVD and Blu 11/28/2012
I Dream of Jeannie Barbara's Navel Appears on the Cover of Sony's '15 Years Later' DVD 11/28/2012
Charlie's Angels Separate Set Artwork Arrives for 'The Complete 5th Season' 11/28/2012
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Nick Schedules the New 2012 Show for DVD with 'Rise of the Turtles' 11/28/2012
Police Academy: The Animated Series A 'Volume 1' DVD Has Been Scheduled by the Warner Archive! 11/28/2012
This Week in Baseball A DVD Release of 'Season 1: 1977' is Now Available 11/28/2012
Nurse Jackie Blu-ray and DVD Releases Scheduled for Edie Falco in 'Season 4' 11/27/2012
Sarah Silverman Program, The Official Shout! Factory Press Release for 'Season 3' 11/27/2012
Goode Family, The 'The Complete Series' DVDs Described on the Official Studio Press Release 11/27/2012
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Press Release for 'Adventures In The Crystal Empire' 11/27/2012
Littlest Pet Shop, The Shout!'s Official Press Release for 'Little Pets, Big Adventures' 11/27/2012
Slugterra 'Vol. 1: Return Of The Shane Gang' Press Release Arrives from Shout! 11/27/2012
Anger Management Charlie Sheen in 'Season 1' for DVD and Blu: Date, Cost, Art, Extras 11/26/2012
Pan Am Front and Rear Package Art, Plus Bonus Material, for 'The Complete Series' 11/26/2012
Legend of Korra, The Trailer Shows DVD Plans 'Soon' for The Last Airbender Spin-off 11/26/2012
Wagon Train Specific DVD Date for 'The Complete 6th Season', and Timeframe for the Final Season Set 11/26/2012
Naked City 'Fan Favorites' 5-DVD Release Coming in February **UPDATED** 11/26/2012
Six Million Dollar Man, The 'Season 3' to be Sold Separately Soon! Street Date, Cost, Art 11/23/2012
Law & Order Separate DVD Set is Scheduled for 'The 12th Year' 11/23/2012
Jackson 5ive, The Packaging Pictures for 'The Completed Animated Series' on Blu-ray and DVD 11/23/2012
Loretta Young Show, The Box Front for 'The Best of the Complete Series: 100th Birthday Edition' 11/23/2012
West Point Cover Art for 'The Complete TV Series' on DVD 11/23/2012
Gordon Ramsay: Cookalong Live The Famous Chef's 2008 U.K. Show Comes Home on DVD 11/23/2012
Dr. Kildare Warner Exec Reveals DVD Plans for the Classic Richard Chamberlain Show 11/21/2012
Doctor Who The 1st Doctor's 'Story #008: The Reign of Terror' Announced for DVD 11/21/2012
Bonanza Revised Box Art for 'The Official 5th Season, Vol. 2' DVD Set 11/21/2012
Ultimate Spider-Man DVD Announced for 'Vol. 1: Avenging Spider-Man' 11/21/2012
Ripper Street Blu-ray Disc and DVD Plans Announced for BBC America's Upcoming Show 11/21/2012
Dalziel and Pascoe Date, Price and Contents for 'Season 7' on DVD 11/21/2012
Weeds 'Season 8' DVDs, Blu-rays: Date, Cost, Details and Extras 11/20/2012
Survivor Release Date for 'Season 13: Cook Islands' and 'Season 14: Fiji' 11/20/2012
Downton Abbey Official Press Release for 'Season 3' on DVD and Blu-ray 11/20/2012
Alias Smith and Jones New Info Shows that TMG Plans 'The Complete Series: Special Edition' 11/20/2012
Restless Gun, The TMG Announces an 8-DVD Release of 'The Complete Series' 11/20/2012
Haunting Hour: The Series, The Packaging Pictures for 'Volume 3' and 'Volume 4' DVDs 11/20/2012
Game of Thrones Winter is Coming, with 'The Complete 2nd Season': Date, Extras, Boxes! 11/19/2012
I Dream of Jeannie '15 Years Later,' the 1985 Reunion Telefilm, is Coming to DVD 11/19/2012
Charlie's Angels Individual Set is Scheduled for 'The Complete 5th Season' DVDs! 11/19/2012
X-Files, The I Want To Believe: 'Rumor Mill' Says to Expect the Classic TV Show on Blu-ray 11/19/2012
Pan Am All 14 Episodes of the Christina Ricci-Starring Drama Will Be On DVD 11/19/2012
Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, The 'Volume 6: End of the Cosmos' Brings the Finale to U.S. DVD 11/19/2012
Dead by Sunset (mini-series) DVD for 1995 Production Starring Ken Olin and Annette O'Toole 11/19/2012
Good Wife, The 'The 4th Season' DVD Plans are Already Being Drawn Up 11/16/2012
Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries, The Our Investigation Has Turned Up Box Art for Shout!'s 'Season 3' 11/16/2012
Life and Times of Grizzly Adams, The Take a Gander at the Box Art for the 2nd (and Final) Season 11/16/2012
Virginian, The Picture of the Embossed Tin Packaging for 'The Complete 7th Season' DVDs 11/16/2012
Korg: 70,000 B.C. 'The Complete Series' of the Live-Action Saturday Morning Show 11/16/2012
Slugterra Box Art is Loaded Up for 'Vol. 1: Return Of The Shane Gang' 11/16/2012
Cougar Town Release Date Revealed for 'The Complete 3rd Season' on DVD 11/15/2012
South Park Blu-ray, DVD Releases Planned for 'The Complete 16th Season' 11/15/2012
Jersey Shore The Final Season DVDs of Your Favorite 'Guilty Pleasure' Reality Show are Planned 11/15/2012
Hawaii Five-0 Plans for DVDs and Blu-ray Discs for the Just-Debuted '3rd Season' 11/15/2012
Family Matters High-Res 3D Packaging Pic for 'The Complete 3rd Season' DVDs 11/15/2012
Bonanza Finalized Art for 'The Official 5th Season, Vol. 1' and Changed Art for 'Vol. 2' 11/15/2012
Fugitive, The Defective Disc Replacement Program Announced for 'The Complete Series: The Most-Wanted Edition' 11/15/2012
Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries, The Corrected Price for 'Season 3' DVDs, AND a New Amazon Listing 11/14/2012
Slugterra 'Return Of The Shane Gang' DVD in-the-works for DisneyXD's New Show 11/14/2012
Big Bad Beetleborgs Box Art Arrives for 'Season 1, Vol. 2' DVD Set 11/14/2012
Carol Burnett Show, The Clearing Up Confusion About the Recent 'Carol Burnett Christmas' DVD 11/14/2012
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Scoop: Bonus CD's Liner Notes in the '30th Anniversary' Set 11/14/2012
Guiding Light, The Existing DVDs Being Discontinued Soon as the SoapClassics License Expires 11/14/2012
As the World Turns 'Urgent Message' Sent to Fans Alerting that the DVDs Won't Last Long 11/14/2012
History Detectives Official PBS 'Season 10' Press Release Gives New Street Date 11/14/2012
Eight Is Enough Warner Archive Releases 'The Complete 2nd Season, Part 1' and 'Part 2' 11/13/2012
Without a Trace 'The Complete 5th Season' MOD Release is Available to Pre-Order 11/13/2012
Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show, The 'The Complete Series' Set Coming in One Week from Warner Archive 11/13/2012
Tom and Jerry 30-Cartoon Collection Called 'Pint-Sized Pals' is Scheduled 11/13/2012
Bordertown Box Art and Other New Updates About 'The Complete Series' on DVD 11/13/2012
Dream West (mini-series) Only Broadcast Once, This 1986 Richard Chamberlain Miniseries Comes to DVD 11/13/2012
Dress Gray (mini-series) The Gore-Vidal-Adapted 1986 Mini-Series Starring Alec Baldwin and Hal Holbrook 11/13/2012
Matlock Andy Griffith's Next-to-Last, 'Season 8,' is Scheduled for DVD 11/12/2012
Bonanza 'The Official 5th Season, Vol. 1' and 'Vol. 2' DVDs: Date, Art, Extras 11/12/2012
Gunsmoke CBS Announces 'The 7th Season, Volume 2' 5-DVD Set 11/12/2012
Cagney & Lacey New Dates, Plus Where to Get 'The 30th Anniversary Limited Edition' 11/12/2012
Hell's Kitchen VEI and Chef Ramsay Fire Up a 'Seasons 1-8 Box Set Collection' 11/12/2012
Star Trek: Enterprise YOUR Help is Wanted to Pick Blu-ray Box Art for Season 1 and Season 2 11/12/2012
Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries, The The Drew-Less 3rd and Last Season Finally on DVD Soon! ***UPDATED*** 11/09/2012
Life and Times of Grizzly Adams, The The 2nd and Final Season is Schedule for Release 11/09/2012
Virginian, The Release Date, Cost and More for 'The Complete 7th Season' 11/09/2012
Loretta Young Show, The TMG/Shout! Announces a 17-DVD '100th Birthday Edition' Set 11/09/2012
West Point A 4-DVD Set of the Show Also Known As 'West Point Story' is Coming 11/09/2012
Rocko's Modern Life The 4th and Final Season is Being Planned for in-Store DVD Release 11/09/2012
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Lord Zedd Arrives in Stores with Shout!'s 'Season 2, Vol.1' 11/09/2012
Big Bad Beetleborgs Shout! Factory Schedules 'Season 1, Vol. 2' on DVD 11/09/2012
Haunting Hour: The Series, The DVDs for 'Volume 3' and 'Volume 4' of the R.L. Stine Series 11/09/2012
Battlestar Galactica 'Blood & Chrome: The Unrated Edition' Coming on DVD and Blu-ray/DVD Combo **UPDATE: Extras** 11/08/2012
Mystery Science Theater 3000 Press Release for DVD Volume 'XXV' Arrives from Shout! 11/08/2012
Ultra Seven Shout! Factory's Fact Sheet for 'The Complete Series' on DVD 11/08/2012
Girls HBO's Press Release for 'The Complete 1st Season' on DVD and Blu/DVD Combo 11/08/2012
3rd Rock from the Sun Mill Creek Schedules 'Season 5' and 'Season 6' DVD Sets 11/07/2012
Hearts Afire 'The Complete Series' 7-DVD Set Starring John Ritter, Markie Post 11/07/2012
Fury Mill Creek Releasing 'The Lost Episodes: Tribute Collection' on DVD 11/07/2012
Dinotopia (mini-series) The 2002 Miniseries Returns to DVD with 1999's Journey to the Center of the Earth 11/07/2012
Ben 10: Omniverse 'Vol. 1: A New Beginning' DVDs Announced 11/07/2012
Night Court 'The Complete 7th Season' Lands on the Warner Archives Docket Today! 11/06/2012
Office, The Blu-rays and DVDs for the 9th and Final Season of NBC's Sitcom are Being Planned 11/06/2012
30 Rock Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan, Jane Krakowski in 'Season 7' 11/06/2012
Grimm 'Season 2' Will Be Creeping to Blu-ray Disc, DVD in the Future 11/06/2012
Parks and Recreation DVDs Already Being Planned for the Recently-Debuted 'Season 5' 11/06/2012
NYC 22 The Short-Lived (13-Episode) Cop Drama from CBS is Being Made for DVD 11/06/2012
Top Gear USA Finalized High-Red 3D Package Art for 'Season 2' on DVD 11/06/2012
Beetlejuice Shout! Press Release Announces Deal for BeetleJuice Animated and MADtv 11/05/2012
MADtv Warner Licenses MADtv and Animated Beetlejuice to Shout! Factory 11/05/2012
Gossip Girl Early Cover Art for 'The Complete 6th and Final Season' on DVD 11/05/2012
Raising Hope Fox and Amazon/CreateSpace Make 'The Complete 2nd Season' Available 11/05/2012
Hawkins The Complete Collection of the 1973 CBS Show Starring Jimmy Stewart 11/05/2012
Bold and the Beautiful, The Go Back to 'How It All Began' with a 4-DVD Set 11/05/2012
Call the Midwife BBC Press Release for Tomorrow's 'Season 1' DVDs, Blu-rays 11/05/2012
Dexter Blu-ray, DVD Plans Are Being Cut for 'The 7th Season' 11/02/2012
Burn Notice We've Spied Out Early Info about a 'Season 6' DVD Set 11/02/2012
Virginian, The Timeless Release of 'The Complete 7th Season' is Coming Early Next Year 11/02/2012
Wagon Train TMG Plans to Hitch Up a Release of 'The Complete 6th Season' 11/02/2012
Bridget Loves Bernie 'The Complete Series' DVD Set: Pricing and Package Art 11/02/2012
Star Trek: The Next Generation Updated List of Season 2 BD Extras Includes 2 Previously Omitted 11/01/2012
Gifted Man, A Patrick Wilson, Jennifer Elhe and Julie Benz Star in the Short-Lived Drama 11/01/2012
Rob A DVD Release is Coming for the Recent Sitcom starring Rob Schneider 11/01/2012
Duck Dodgers DVD Announced for 'Season 1: Dark Side of the Duck' 11/01/2012
Misfits High-Res 3D Packaging Picture for 'Season 2' on DVD 11/01/2012
Last of the Summer Wine Full-Sized Package Art for 'Vintage 1997' DVD 11/01/2012
Arctic Air DVD Release Soon in Canada for 'The Complete 1st Season' 11/01/2012

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