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Think of All the Luck You Got! And the DVD, Blu-ray Dates, Details for 'Season 4'!
The 2012 Series Will Return to DVD with 'The Complete 3rd Season'
'Season 1' Blu-rays, DVDs from BBC, Glen Morgan, John Simm and Mira Sorvino
Top Gear USA
'The Complete 4th Season' Racing to DVD this December
Hart to Hart
Shout! Sends Us a Press Brief for 'The Complete 3rd Season on DVD
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News for September, 2014 - 77 Items

Show Name
News Title
Date Posted
Shameless Think of All the Luck You Got! And the DVD, Blu-ray Dates, Details for 'Season 4'! 9/19/2014
Dallas The 2012 Series Will Return to DVD with 'The Complete 3rd Season' 9/19/2014
Intruders 'Season 1' Blu-rays, DVDs from BBC, Glen Morgan, John Simm and Mira Sorvino 9/19/2014
Top Gear USA 'The Complete 4th Season' Racing to DVD this December 9/19/2014
Hart to Hart Shout! Sends Us a Press Brief for 'The Complete 3rd Season on DVD 9/18/2014
Zane Grey Theatre Timeless/Shout! Schedule 'The Complete 3rd Season' for 2014 9/18/2014
Following, The Press Release for 'The Complete 2nd Season' on DVD, Blu-ray Disc 9/18/2014
Mom Warner Home Video's Formal Press Release for 'The Complete 1st Season' 9/18/2014
Jeffersons, The Shout! Factory's Official Press Release for 'The Complete Series: The Deee-luxe Edition' 9/17/2014
My Favorite Martian Release Date, Pricing for MPI's 'Season 2: Collector's Edition' 9/17/2014
Boardwalk Empire Final Season Planned for Home Video with 'The Complete 5th Season' 9/17/2014
Grimm 4th Season Sets Are Already In-the-Works for the Upcoming Production Year **UPDATED** 9/17/2014
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The Blu-ray Release Soon for 'The Complete Granada Television Series' 9/17/2014
Batman More Details for 'The Complete Television Series' Coming Soon via Adam West! 9/16/2014
Big Bang Theory, The Warner's Press Release for 'The Complete 7th Season' on Blu-ray, DVD 9/16/2014
Shirt Tales, The 'The Complete Series' of the '80s Cartoon is Now on DVD! 9/16/2014
From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series Press Release for Today's 'Season 1' Set on DVD, Blu-ray 9/16/2014
Uncle Grandpa Cartoon Network's 'Vol. 1: Tiger Trails' is Coming to DVD 9/16/2014
Wonder Years, The 'Season 1' Date, Cost, 3D Box Art...Also, Fred Signing Signature Editions! 9/15/2014
WKRP in Cincinnati Shout!'s 'Complete Series' Press Release Mentions Extras, Music Inclusions 9/15/2014
Facts of Life, The 'The Complete Series': Release Date(s), Box Art, Cost and More! 9/15/2014
Jeffersons, The Great Extras Revealed for 'The Complete Series: The Deee-luxe Edition' 9/15/2014
Under the Dome Blu-rays, DVDs Formally Announced for 'The 2nd Season' **UPDATE: PACKAGING** 9/15/2014
Extant 'The 1st Season' on DVD and Blu-ray: Street Date, Pricing, Bonus Material **UPDATE: PACKAGING** 9/15/2014
Kroll Show Comedy Central's 'Seasons 1 and 2' Announced for DVD 9/15/2014
Bonanza Replacement Program for Wrong Discs in 'The Official 7th Season' Sets 9/15/2014
Doctor Who Release Date is Revealed for 'Series 8' Starring Peter Capaldi 9/12/2014
Growing Up Fisher The First and Only Season of the Show is Now Available on DVD! 9/12/2014
Saving Hope Erica Durance Covers the Box for 'The Complete 2nd Season' 9/12/2014
Paradise, The The BBC's 2nd Season is Scheduled for DVD and Blu-ray Disc 9/12/2014
Dance Moms MOD Releases Coming for 'Season 3, Volume 1' and 'Season 3, Volume 2' 9/12/2014
Survivor 'Season 17: Gabon - Earth's Last Eden' is Now Available on DVD 9/11/2014
Cagney & Lacey 'Complete Collection' Getting Re-Released with a Steal of a Price! **IMPORTANT UPDATE!** 9/11/2014
Diagnosis Murder Dick Van Dyke's 'Dr. Sloan' Returns with a 'Complete Collection' Re-Release **IMPORTANT UPDATE!** 9/11/2014
McMillan and Wife Rock Hudson and Susan St. James Return to DVD in 'The Complete Series' **IMPORTANT UPDATE!** 9/11/2014
In Search of... VEI to Re-Release 'The Complete Collection' with Leonard Nimoy **IMPORTANT UPDATE!** 9/11/2014
Nash Bridges VEI is Working on All 6 Seasons for 'The Complete Collection' on DVD! **IMPORTANT UPDATE!** 9/10/2014
Star Trek 'Remastered' DVDs for All 3 Seasons are Getting Re-Released! 9/10/2014
Merv Griffin Show, The MPI Home Video Announces a New 12-DVD Anthology 9/10/2014
Persuaders!, The Tony Curtis and Roger Moore Return to DVD in 'The Complete Collection' **IMPORTANT UPDATE!** 9/10/2014
Protectors, The 'The Complete Collection' of Gerry Anderson/Reg Hill's Show Starring Robert Vaughn **IMPORTANT UPDATE!** 9/10/2014
Hostages 'The Complete Series' of the Recent Show is Coming to DVD 9/10/2014
Wonder Years, The Ship Date, PLUS a New Photo of 'The Experience' Goodies! 9/09/2014
Married... with Children Individual Packaging Pictures Now for 'Season 5' and 'Season 6' 9/09/2014
M Squad Package Art Arrives for TMG's 'Complete TV Series: Special Edition' 9/09/2014
Hey Arnold! 'The Complete Series' is Coming to General Canada, at Least! 9/09/2014
Loopy de Loop 'The Complete Collection' of the Theatrical-Shorts-turned-TV-Show! 9/09/2014
Phineas and Ferb Release Date, Possible Cost and Art for 'Phineas and Ferb - Star Wars' 9/08/2014
Batman: The Brave and the Bold Official Press Release for Tomorrow's Blu-ray for 'The Complete 2nd Season' 9/08/2014
Secret Agent (Danger Man) TMG to Re-Release 'The Complete Series' with Patrick McGoohan 9/08/2014
Dominion Blu-rays and DVDs are Planned for the 1st Season of the New Syfy Show 9/08/2014
Barney Miller Late-2014 Release Scheduled by Shout! for 'The Complete 6th Season' 9/05/2014
Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, The Shout! to Separately Release the 4th and Final Season on DVD 9/05/2014
Better Off Ted The 2nd (and Final) Funny Season Comes to DVD at Long, Long Last! **UPDATE: PRE-ORDER LINK** 9/05/2014
Sherlock 'The Complete Seasons 1-3: Limited Edition Gift Set'...IT'S A BUST! 9/05/2014
Touch Kiefer Sutherland in DVDs for 'The Complete 2nd Season' **UPDATE: PRE-ORDER LINK** 9/05/2014
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic 'Season 4' Gallops to DVD This December 9/05/2014
Napoleon Dynamite Olive Films Announces 'The Complete Animated Series' on DVD **UPDATE: PRE-ORDER LINK** 9/05/2014
Dads 'The Complete Series' on DVD Starring Seth Green, Giovanni Ribisi, Peter Riegert, Martin Mull **UPDATE: PRE-ORDER LINK** 9/05/2014
Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-rays Announced: 'Season 7' and 'All Good Things...' 9/04/2014
King of the Hill AT LAST! '7th Season' and '8th Season' Sets...From Olive Films! ***UPDATE: PRE-ORDER LINK!*** 9/04/2014
Hart to Hart '3rd Season' Coming Soon, as Shout! Picks Up the DVD Rights! 9/04/2014
Mister Ed Shout! Factory Announces 'The Complete Series' 22-DVD Set 9/04/2014
Pee-wee's Playhouse New Shout! Press Release Details Blu Extras on 'The Complete Series' 9/04/2014
Avengers, The Is the Upcoming 'Season 5' Blu-ray REALLY In Widescreen? Studio Says... 9/04/2014
America's Next Top Model DVDs Coming Down the Runway for 'Cycle 4' and 'Cycle 5' 9/04/2014
RuPaul's Drag Race 'Season 6' MODs Will Be Racing Your Way Soon! 9/04/2014
Covert Affairs 'Season 5' DVDs are In-the-Works, Starring Piper Perabo 9/03/2014
Perry Mason DVDs for 'Movie Collection: Double Feature' Numbers 10, 11 and 12 9/03/2014
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Nickelodeon Announces 'Showdown in Dimension X' DVD 9/03/2014
Broad City DVDs for 'Season 1' of the Show by Exec Producer Amy Poehler **UPDATE: PRICING AND PRE-ORDER LINK** 9/03/2014
Drunk History 'Seasons 1 & 2: Limited Edition' Announced for DVD **UPDATE: PRE-ORDER LINK** 9/03/2014
Happy Days 'Mork Returns' in Paramount's DVD Release of 'The 6th Season' **UPDATE: PRICING AND PRE-ORDER LINK** 9/02/2014
Gunsmoke CBS/Paramount Announces a Street Date for 'The 11th Season' **UPDATE: PRE-ORDER LINK** 9/02/2014
Arrested Development Fox Press Release Announces a 'Season 4' DVD Cover Art Contest! 9/02/2014
True Blood HBO's Press Release for 'The Complete Series,' 'The 7th Season' 9/02/2014
Legend of Korra, The Blu-ray and DVD Versions Announced for 'Book 3: Changes' **UPDATE: PRE-ORDER LINK** 9/02/2014

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