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Hee Haw
Time Life Press Release Announces 14-DVD 'Collector's Edition'
Teen Wolf
A Street Date is Scheduled for 'Season 5, Part 2' DVDs
Revised Front Cover Art for 'The Complete 3rd Season'
We Bare Bears
Package Art for 'Volume 1: Viral Video' on DVD
Perry Mason
All 9 Seasons Come Together in 'The Complete Series' Gift Set
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News for July, 2016 - 80 Items

Show Name
News Title
Date Posted
Hee Haw Time Life Press Release Announces 14-DVD 'Collector's Edition' 7/28/2016
Teen Wolf A Street Date is Scheduled for 'Season 5, Part 2' DVDs 7/28/2016
Mom Revised Front Cover Art for 'The Complete 3rd Season' 7/28/2016
We Bare Bears Package Art for 'Volume 1: Viral Video' on DVD 7/28/2016
Perry Mason All 9 Seasons Come Together in 'The Complete Series' Gift Set 7/27/2016
Kolchak: The Night Stalker 'The Complete Series' Returns to DVD on Single-Sided Discs 7/27/2016
Dexter Slimmed Down New 'Complete Series Epik Pack' Blu-ray 7/27/2016
Venture Bros., The Package Art Unveiled for 'The Complete Season 6' 7/27/2016
I Love Lucy Colorized 'Superstar Special #1' on DVD this October 7/26/2016
Bates Motel Street Date, Pricing, Extras for 'Season 4' on DVD, Blu-ray Disc 7/26/2016
Archer Release Date Scheduled on Blu-ray, DVD for 'The Complete Season 7' 7/26/2016
Penny Dreadful Blu-rays, DVDs for the 3rd and 'Final Season' are Announced 7/26/2016
Vikings Press Release for 'Season 4, Part 1' on Blu-ray Disc, DVD 7/26/2016
Wonder Years, The Press Release for a New 'Slimmer' Version of 'The Complete Series' 7/25/2016
Community Update, Package Art, New Title for 'The Complete Series' DVDs 7/25/2016
Charlie's Angels New Street Date for Mill Creek's 'Complete Series' Re-Release 7/25/2016
Dennis the Menace Mill Creek Moves Back the Menace for a Month 7/25/2016
Jack Irish RLJ/Acorn's Official Press Release for 'Season 1' on DVD, Blu-ray 7/25/2016
Martial Law Up for Pre-Order: 'The Complete Collection'...Date, Cost, Extras, Package! 7/22/2016
Hangin' with Mr. Cooper 'The Complete 1st Season' is Coming to DVD at Last! 7/22/2016
Mom Date, Cost, Box Art and More for 'The Complete 3rd Season' DVDs 7/22/2016
Mr Selfridge DVD Plans this Autumn for 'The Complete Series' 7/22/2016
Grimm 'Season 5' Announced: Street Date, Package Art, Cost, Extras 7/21/2016
Masters of Horror A New Value-Priced Re-Release for the Entire 'Season 1' 7/21/2016
Midsomer Murders Front Package Art for 'Series 18' on Blu-ray, DVD 7/21/2016
Barbarians Rising (mini-series) The 4-Part History Channel Miniseries is Coming to DVD, Blu-ray 7/21/2016
Site News Heading to SDCC? The Fox Booth Has Special Archer, Family Guy Sets! 7/20/2016
Venture Bros., The Blu-rays, DVDs Scheduled for 'The Complete Season 6' 7/20/2016
We Bare Bears 'Volume 1' DVDs Scheduled for the Cartoon Network Series! 7/20/2016
Top Gear USA Package Art, Slightly Updated Info for 'The Complete 5th Season' 7/20/2016
Game of Thrones 'The Complete 6th Season': HBO Home Video's Official Press Release! 7/19/2016
Outlander Viva les Frasers! DVDs, Blu-rays are Already In-the-Works for 'Season 2' 7/19/2016
Ash vs Evil Dead We Dug Up 'The Complete 1st Season' Official Press Release 7/19/2016
Banshee Official HBO Press Release for 'The Complete 4th and Final Season' 7/19/2016
Power Rangers Dino Charge (AKA Power Rangers Dino Super Charge) 'Vol. 4: Rise' DVD Announced for Fall 7/19/2016
Modern Family Press Release for 'The Complete 7th Season' DVD Arrives from Fox 7/18/2016
American Horror Story Fox's Press Release for 'The Complete 5th Season: Hotel' 7/18/2016
American Crime Story 'The People v. O.J. Simpson' Press Release on DVD, Blu-ray 7/18/2016
Banshee 'The Complete 4th and Final Season': Date, Cost, Packaging 7/18/2016
Portlandia Canadian Release Date, Cover Art for 'Season 6' 7/18/2016
Doctor Who Season 8, Part 1 Cover Art Appears 7/15/2016
Transformers: Rescue Bots New Volume Scheduled for October 7/15/2016
Red Dwarf Season 11 Appears on Amazon 7/15/2016
Community All Six Seasons Come Together in a New DVD Package Later This Year 7/14/2016
Rookie Blue USA Release Date for 'The Complete Series' on DVD! 7/14/2016
Real Ghostbusters, The Sony Schedules 'Volume 6' through 'Volume 10' 7/14/2016
Back to the Future Universal Announces a 'Season II' Set for the Animated Spin-Off 7/14/2016
Bob's Burgers DVD Plans, Cover Art for 'The Complete 5th Season' ***UPDATE: Date, Pricing*** 7/13/2016
Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot 'The Complete Series'(!) DVDs Have Just Been Released! 7/13/2016
Chopper One 'The Complete Series' DVDs are NOW AVAILABLE! 7/13/2016
Grady DVDs and Cover Art are Now Available for 'The Best Of Grady' ***UPDATED*** 7/13/2016
Twin Peaks 'The Original Series, Fire Walk With Me, and The Missing Pieces' Blu-ray 7/12/2016
Blue Bloods 'The 6th Season' DVDs Announced, Starring Tom Selleck 7/12/2016
Good Wife, The Julianna Margulies Announced in 'The Final Season' on DVD 7/12/2016
Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders Official CBS/Paramount Announcement for 'The 1st Season' 7/12/2016
Andy Griffith Show, The Release Date, Package Art for 'The Colorized Christmas Special' 7/11/2016
Gunsmoke CBS/Paramount Officially Announces 'The 12th Season, Vol. 1' and 'Vol. 2' 7/11/2016
Night Manager, The Press Release, Box Art for 'The Uncensored Edition' Starring Hiddleston, Laurie 7/11/2016
When Calls the Heart Shout! Schedules Both 'Hearts In Question' and 'Year 3' 7/11/2016
Empire Fox's Formal Press Release Confirms Street Date, Provides Details and Extras 7/08/2016
Power Rangers Dino Thunder Dino Rangers, ROAR! 'The Complete Series' on DVD 7/08/2016
Death Valley Days What's Going One With 'The Complete 2nd Season: Collector's Edition' DVDs? 7/08/2016
Blunt Talk Patrick Stewart Stars in 'The Complete 1st Season' of the Starz Show 7/08/2016
Empire Possible Release Date for 'The Complete 2nd Season' 7/07/2016
Finding Carter MOD Release Being Planned for MTV's 2nd (and Final) Season **UPDATE: Now Released!** 7/07/2016
Death in Paradise Release Date, Package Art and More for 'Season 5' 7/07/2016
America's Test Kitchen Official Studio Press Release for 'Season 16' on DVD 7/07/2016
Little House on the Prairie 'Legacy Movie Collection: Deluxe Remastered Edition' Announced 7/06/2016
Shaun the Sheep Lionsgate Schedules a Re-Release for 'Little Sheep of Horrors' 7/06/2016
Jericho DVDs for the 2016 U.K. Program Starring Jessica Raine 7/06/2016
Father Brown New USA Date for 'Season 3, Part 2,' Plus a Date for 'Season 4' 7/06/2016
Scream Queens Possible Release Date Found for 'The Complete 1st Season' 7/05/2016
Modern Family Spotted: A Street Date for 'The Complete 7th Season' DVDs 7/05/2016
CSI: Cyber 'The 2nd and Final Season' Update with Cost, Extras 7/05/2016
Madam Secretary Bonus Material and Pricing for 'Season 2' on DVD 7/05/2016
Sliders 'The Complete Series' Back on DVD...And in PROPER Story Order! 7/01/2016
Dinotopia (mini-series) Blu-ray for 'The Complete Mini-Series,' and a COMBINED Miniseries/TV Show DVD! 7/01/2016
Coach Re-Releases for the First Two Seasons on DVD, Starring Craig T. Nelson 7/01/2016
Friday Night Lights Mill Creek Schedules Re-Releases of 'The 1st Season,' 'The 2nd Season' 7/01/2016
Necessary Roughness 'The Complete Series' of the 2011 USA Network Show Starring Callie Thorne 7/01/2016

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