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Gangland Undercover
The History Channel Series about Biker Gangs Rides onto DVD
Country Buck$
The Recent Comedy Series Comes to DVD with 'Season 1'
America's Test Kitchen
PBS to Release 'Season 15' DVDs of the Cooking Show
Forsyte Saga, The (mini-series)
PBS Direct to Re-Release Damian Lewis in 'The Complete Series'
Knick, The
Release Date Found in the Great White North for HBO's 'Season 1'
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News for April, 2015 - 93 Items

Show Name
News Title
Date Posted
Gangland Undercover The History Channel Series about Biker Gangs Rides onto DVD 4/24/2015
Country Buck$ The Recent Comedy Series Comes to DVD with 'Season 1' 4/24/2015
America's Test Kitchen PBS to Release 'Season 15' DVDs of the Cooking Show 4/24/2015
Forsyte Saga, The (mini-series) PBS Direct to Re-Release Damian Lewis in 'The Complete Series' 4/24/2015
Knick, The Release Date Found in the Great White North for HBO's 'Season 1' 4/23/2015
Cedar Cove HallMark's 'Season 2' DVDs, Starring Andie MacDowell, Are Planned 4/23/2015
Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell DVD Scheduled for 'Season 1' of the [adult swim] Show 4/23/2015
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell The Upcoming BBC America Show is Slated for DVD, Blu-ray 4/23/2015
Ripper Street Official BBC Announcement for Blu-rays, DVDs of 'Season 3' 4/22/2015
Last of the Summer Wine DVDs for 'Vintage 2004' are Announced by BBC/Warner 4/22/2015
Top Gear Release Date Found for 'The Complete Season 22' 4/22/2015
Tatau (mini-series) The 8-Part BBC America Mini-Series is Announced for DVD, Blu-ray 4/22/2015
Bates Motel DVD Release for 'Season 3' is In-the-Works from Universal 4/21/2015
Black Sails Sail Ho! Me Spyglass Sees 'The Complete 2nd Season," Me Hearties! Arrr! 4/21/2015
Atlantis Street Date, Pricing for 'Season 2, Part 2' on DVD, Blu-ray Disc 4/21/2015
Teen Titans Go! Official Press release for Today's Blu-ray Release of 'The Complete 1st Season' 4/21/2015
I Love Lucy 'The Ultimate Season 2' Blu-ray Disc Set is Announced! ***UPDATED*** 4/20/2015
Doctor Who Aim Your Eyestalks Over Here; We've Got Package Art for 'The Daleks'! 4/20/2015
Robot Chicken Release Date Found for [adult swim]'s 'Season 7' on DVD 4/20/2015
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles You Can 'Return to NYC!' with the latest DVD from Nickelodeon 4/20/2015
Law & Order: UK 'Set 3' DVDs Are Planned, with 'Series 5 and 6' Episodes 4/20/2015
Wonder Years, The 'Season 3' Press Release, Cover Art Arrives from Time Life 4/17/2015
Carol Burnett Show, The An Update From Carol on When We'll See DVDs for the First 5 Seasons 4/17/2015
Doctor Who ALERT! ALERT! A DVD for 'The Daleks' Has Been Detected! 4/17/2015
Trailer Park Boys Release Date, Early Cover Art for 'Season 9' DVD Set **UPDATED** 4/17/2015
Strike Back 'Cinemax Season 3' on DVD and Blu-ray: Different Dates in USA, Canada 4/17/2015
Looking 'The Complete 2nd Season': Blu-ray Box Art and Pricing; Possible Date 4/17/2015
House of Cards Blu-ray Discs, DVDs Already Being Planned for 'The Complete 3rd Season' 4/16/2015
Orphan Black Street Date, Pricing, and Trailer for 'Season 3' on DVD, Blu-ray Disc 4/16/2015
Last Tango in Halifax DVD Release Scheduled this Summer for 'Season 3' 4/16/2015
Playing House Finalized High-Res Package Art Shows Up for 'Season 1' on DVD 4/16/2015
Place to Call Home, A 'Season 2' DVDs: Finalized Date, Details, Front Cover Art 4/16/2015
Mystery Science Theater 3000 Shout! Factory Wants You to Choose 'XXXIII' on DVD! 4/15/2015
King of the Hill Does Olive Films Plan to Release the Final 3 Seasons? Studio Says... 4/15/2015
Cosby Show, The The 'Show' is Over: Mill Creek Re-Releasing 'Seasons 7 and 8' 4/15/2015
Schitt's Creek Got a Paddle? How About a DVD? Release Date for 'Season 1' 4/15/2015
Site News 'TV Guide Classics' Line Launches with Johnny Carson, Jack Benny, Milton Berle, Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes, Ozzie & Harriet 4/15/2015
Justified Sony Press Release Formally Announces 'The Complete 6th and Final Season' 4/14/2015
Outlander Blu-ray Discs, DVDs Already Planned for 'Season 1, Volume 2' 4/14/2015
Two and a Half Men All 12 Seasons Coming Together for 'The Complete Series' on DVD 4/14/2015
Soap Mill Creek Entertainment is Re-Releasing 'The Complete Series' on DVD 4/14/2015
Playing House 'Season 1' of the USA Network Show is Scheduled for DVD 4/14/2015
Mentalist, The DVDs for All 7 Seasons Come Together in 'The Complete Series' Set 4/13/2015
Nikita All 4 Seasons Team Up for 'The Complete Series' on DVD, Blu-ray 4/13/2015
Southland Get the Cop Drama's Entire Patrol on DVD with 'The Complete Series' 4/13/2015
Revolution Both Seasons United for 'The Complete Series' on DVD, Blu-ray Disc 4/13/2015
Dallas 'Complete Series' DVD Set for the 2012 Continuation Series 4/13/2015
Adventure Time Box Cover Art for 'The Complete 5th Season' on DVD, Blu-ray Disc 4/13/2015
Midnight Special, The Time Life's 3-Disc Retail Collection is Coming to DVD Soon 4/10/2015
Workaholics Street Date, Bonus Material and Possible Box Art for 'Season 5' 4/10/2015
Lovejoy 'Series 6' and 'The Complete Collection' DVDs Announced! 4/10/2015
Pound Puppies Pick Up Your DVD This Summer with Shout!'s 'Pick of the Litter' 4/10/2015
Adventure Time 'The Complete 5th Season' for Blu-ray and DVD: Release Date, Pricing 4/09/2015
Teen Titans Go! Blu-ray Disc for 'The Complete 1st Season' from the Warner Archive 4/09/2015
Donna Reed Show, The Front Box Cover Art for MPI's 'Season 3' DVD Re-Release 4/09/2015
Broadchurch Slight Date Change for 'The Complete 2nd Season' 4/09/2015
New Worlds (mini-series) Blu-ray Discs, DVDs Announced for the 4-Episode Miniseries 4/09/2015
American Dad DVD Release Next Month from Fox for 'Volume 10' 4/08/2015
Sonic X 'The Complete Series' is In-the-Works from DiscoTek Media 4/08/2015
Bridge (AKA Bron/Broen), The 'Series 2' DVDs Scheduled for North America this Spring 4/08/2015
Maison Close Blu-ray Discs, DVDs are Scheduled for 'Season 2' 4/08/2015
Lost in Space OFFICIAL Fully-Detailed Fox Press Release for 'The Complete Series' Blu-ray 4/07/2015
Crazy Ones, The DVDs Should Be Shipping Now for the Show's One-and-Only Season 4/07/2015
League, The 'Season 6' DVDs are In-the-Works for the FXX Show 4/07/2015
Welcome to Sweden Formal Press Release for 'The Complete 1st Season' DVD Set 4/07/2015
Power Rangers Megaforce (AKA Power Rangers Super Megaforce) Date, Cost, Package Art and More for 'Season 2, Vol 4: Sky Strike' 4/07/2015
Louie 'The Complete 4th Season' DVDs Are NOW AVAILABLE! 4/06/2015
Strain, The Press Release Announces a 'Complete 1st Season: Collector's Edition' Blu-ray 4/06/2015
Graceland MODs for 'The Complete 2nd Season' Will Be Available Again in June 4/06/2015
Transporter: The Series Fox's Official Press Releaese for 'The Complete 2nd Season' 4/06/2015
Cristela A Heads-Up for 'The Complete 1st Season' DVDs: Fall Date, Cost, Box 4/06/2015
Brickleberry 'The Complete 3rd Season' is Planned for DVD this Fall 4/06/2015
Turbo FAST DVDs for the Netflix Snail Show Spun Off From the 2013 Film 'Turbo' 4/06/2015
Lost in Space Release Date, Price, Extras and More for 'The Complete Series' Blu-ray! 4/03/2015
Growing Pains We've Got the Date and Cost Now for 'The Complete 4th Season'! 4/03/2015
Dr. Kildare Warner Confirms 'The Complete 4th Season'; Gives Date and Pricing 4/03/2015
Wanda at Large 'The Complete 1st Season' DVDs: Date, Cost, Details! 4/03/2015
Bob's Burgers The Emmy-Winning 'Complete 4th Season' Scheduled for DVD 4/03/2015
Witches of East End 'The Complete 2nd Season' of the Lifetime Series for DVD 4/03/2015
1600 Penn The One-and-Only Season of the NBC Sitcom is Coming to DVD 4/03/2015
Rizzoli & Isles Date Change for 'The Complete 5th Season' DVDs...It Gets CLOSER! 4/02/2015
Teen Wolf Fox Delivers an Official Press Release for 'Season 4' DVDs 4/02/2015
Orphan Black Not Airing on BBC America Quite Yet, but 'Season 3' is Already Planned 4/02/2015
Looking DVD Plans Being Made for 'The Complete 2nd Season' 4/02/2015
Wilfred Fox Fetches Us a Release Date for 'The Complete 4th Season' 4/02/2015
Legit 'The Complete Season 2' DVD Release Date Revealed 4/02/2015
Gunslingers Release for 'Season 1' of the American Heroes Channel Series 4/01/2015
Gator Boys 'Season 4' is Crawling to DVD this Spring 4/01/2015
Tanked DVDs Scheduled for Animal Planet's 'Season 2' 4/01/2015
Amish Mafia Can the Discovery Channel Tempt You with 'Season 3' DVDs? 4/01/2015
Gold Rush Dig Up 'Season 4' DVDs of the Discovery Channel Show 4/01/2015
Duck Dynasty Back in Season: DVDs Scheduled for 'Season 7' Set 4/01/2015
Site News No Fools: That's the Rule! 4/01/2015

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