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The Andy Griffith Show - Pilot Episode will be available Sept. 28th with Daddy Release!

Posted by David Lambert
During the 7th-season of Make Room For Daddy, which by then had moved to CBS and was called The Danny Thomas Show, popular stand-up comedian Andy Griffith was willing to make a guest appearance on Danny's series, and that happenned in February 1960.

The episode was called "Danny Meets Andy Griffith." In it, Danny is going through a small town called Mayberry, and runs afoul of local sheriff Andy Taylor. Little Ronnie Howard also guest-starred as Andy's son, Opie, plus Frances Bavier was in it as well (although she played a different character than the one she would become famous for, the role of Aunt Bee). The episode proved so popular that by next September, Andy had his own series, The Andy Griffith Show...and the rest was history!

As we've told you already, Paramount Home Entertainment is releasing The Andy Griffith Show - The Complete 1st Season on October 12th, but Paramount has no rights to include the pilot episode "Danny Meets Andy Griffith" along with their set. But don't is on the way!

Questar is bringing out the Sept. 28 release of Make Room For Daddy (a.k.a. The Danny Thomas Show) - The 5th Season. Although this release centers on Danny's show, and it's first season at CBS, the fine folks at Questar have done an admirable thing: they are throwing in the seventh-season "Danny Meets Andy Griffith" episode with their Make Room For Daddy release, at no extra cost. Plus they are making it available a couple of weeks before the other show's DVD release. Wow, not bad!

Make Room For Daddy (a.k.a. The Danny Thomas Show) - The 5th Season will run you $29.99 at list price, but you can pre-order it right away from at 30% off. For more details about that release, click here. If you enjoy good comedy like that of The Andy Griffith Show, then it's hard to believe you won't find something to like in Make Room For Daddy!

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