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Top DVDs of 2002

Posted: 1/19/2003

Well, here they are. The following are our picks for the best DVDs of 2002 in 3 categories; Best Mini-Series, Best Season Set and Best Individual Release.

BoB Best Mini-Series
Band of Brothers
Looking at the packaging of this set you can tell it's something special. This 6 disc set is housed in a beautiful tin case, completely void of the usual promotional information (that appears on a cardboard slip). Each episode contains 5 audio tracks and this is simply the best audio heard on a TV release to date. The mini-series is given a wonderful anamorphic widescreen presentation that manages to capture the powerful story. Also included in the set is a huge assortment of text information on the war and the soldiers of Easy Company. Toss in a "making of" featurette and the behind-the-scenes look at the bootcamp from actor Ron Livingston and you have a set that belongs in everyone's collection. If I had to pick one DVD from 2002, this would be it.
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Sopranos Best Season Set
The Sopranos Season 3
With wonderful menus, text information about the cast & crew, episodes synopses, audio commentaries on 3 episodes and "previously on..." and "next on..." TV spots, HBO has provided Soprano fans with an excellent set. Sure, other sets may have more extras, but as a complete package, nothing can beat the "Soparanos Season 3."
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Andromeda Best Individual Release
Andromeda 1.1
ADV Films blew me away with their first release in this series. A near flawless presentation, and a ton of extras. If you haven't seen this DVD you're missing out. Character/actor profiles, a commentary track, deleted scenes, an image gallery, glossary, bloopers, TV teasers, TV promos, a ton of text information and a behind-the-scenes look at the show adds up to hours of extras. Oh, did we mention the show is good too?
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